The Top 171 Digital Marketing Companies in Canada

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  • 27th, Jun 2022

List of  Top 171 Digital Marketing Companies in Canada

The recent past events across the globe have highlighted the importance of digital marketing more than ever before and hence, there is no logic behind denying the need and contribution of digital marketing companies in today’s world.



Businesses today undoubtedly benefit a lot from digital marketing services in Canada, which include attracting potential customers, brand recognition, amplifying reach across various social media channels and more.

In fact, today, people are enthusiastically looking to create a career in this industry. From being a content writer to being a graphic artist, the online market is brimming with the demands of creative branding. The digital marketing companies require all sorts of creative and technical professionals who will help them to achieve their digital goals.

Digital Marketing and its Importance

Digital marketing is the marketing that is done on digital platforms like social media, websites, emails and others. Digital Marketing uses the internet, social media, and others to promote their businesses.

Digital marketing is about connecting with potential customers, gaining their trust, educating them on the latest trends and positioning your business as the solution to their requirements.

In the day and age of constant digital transformation, digital marketing is the go-to solution for marketing brands, products and services. More than half of the world, about 58.4% of the total world population, approximately 4.6 billion people is on social media. Marketing brands, products or services to these user groups will only help the business grow.

Digital marketing is important because

  • It boosts the reach of brands and businesses.
  • Helps businesses communicate with the target audiences.
  • Increase the visibility of businesses, which is essential for small local businesses.
  • It adds credibility and trustworthiness to the business.

With the rise in internet penetration, digital marketing has grown many folds in Canada.

In 2017, Canada had around 33 million internet users, which increases every passing day. So, without a digital marketing strategy, businesses will lose their relevance in the market if the users cannot find them online.

The rise in digital marketing equates to an increase in digital marketing jobs. There were about 5282,4922,727 and 4000+ digital media jobs in Canada listed on Indeed, Workopolis, Monster and LinkedIn, respectively.

indeed seo job

The median salary of a digital marketer in Canada is somewhere between CAD $53257- CAD $68,000. Digital Marketing managers, SEO specialists, and SMM are among the highest paid jobs.

Here’s A Concise List Of The Top Digital Marketing Companies Of Canada

  1. Zencast Media

Zencast Media based in St. John’s Newfoundland believes in providing its valuable clients custom success strategies that are built as per the unique business needs. The company analyses the aspects of businesses & analyses the stats & trends of the industries.

CEO: Rajkumar Prasad

Registered: 2013

Address: Toronto, Ontario

Call: +647-496-7061



  1. Newfound Marketing

A popular and trusted digital marketing consulting agency in St. John’s Newfoundland that is young in age, but not at all in experience. They have successfully worked on and executed fruitful digital marketing strategies for its clients and strengthened their market position.

President: Sheldon Payne

Registered: 2011

Address: 39 Pippy Place, St. John’s, NL A1B 3X2

Call: 709-769-2725


NewFound Marketing

  1. JAC

An award-winning digital marketing service provider in St. John’s specialising in custom programming, digital strategizing, app developing, front-end developing. Etc. Their strength as an agency lies in the ability to integrate their solutions with client business models that derive excellent results.

CEO: John Atkins

Registered: 2010

Address: 1 Commonwealth Avenue Mount Pearl, NLCanadaA1N 1W3

Call: (709) 754-0555


JAC - digital marketing companies

  1. Reflective Marketing

The company began as a social media management firm which gave voice to local businesses of all sizes. Gradually, they became a giant who is now trusted by hundreds of clients across Canada.

CEO: Krystal Hobbs

Registered: 2004

Address: 48 Welland Street, St. John’s, NL A1E 6C1

Call: (709) 700-0400

Reflective Marketing

  1. Lorne Pike & Associates

Looking for a rebranding assistant in St. John’s Newfoundland? Lorne & Pike can help you achieve the goals with better-optimised social media marketing, SEO and unmatched branding. They harness challenges and opportunities like no other thus fetching the desired brand amplification results for every client.

Owner: Lorne Pike

Registered: 2003

Address: Office Space NL, Suite 123, 510 Topsail Road, St. John’s, NL, Canada, A1E 2C2

Call: 1(709) 747-7453


Lorne & Pike- digital marketing companies

  1. Mad Lad Marketing Inc.

Solid team of multi-media developer, writer and artists who provide excellent business marketing contents to help clients make it big and consistently big amidst the strong completion. They are known for making the most difficult online processes manageable.

Owner: Jonathan Myers

Registered: 2018

Call: 1-800-835-6741


Mad Lad Marketing

  1. Dc Design House Inc.

A hot-shot team of hybrids who are immensely tech-savvy. They boast about thinking creatively and acting strategically and for all the right reasons. They think, design, develop and also boost the brand’s digital success.

Creative Director: Donald Coady

Address: 139 Water Street, St. John’s, NL, A1C IB2

Call: 709.237.7321


Dc Design House Inc.

  1. Target Marketing and Communications Inc.

Target Marketing and Communications Inc. is an award-winning agency that is known for its full-service ads brand architecture, communications etc. It is one of the oldest creative agencies and brand architecture firm situated in Newfoundland.

Founder + principal: Kenneth Gillet

Registered: 2000

Address: 90 Water Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, A1C 1A4

Call: 709-739-8400

Target Marketing and Communications Inc.

  1. The Idea Factory

The idea factory works with some of the most prestigious companies of the world. Their strategies are based on the trends of new global economy that is constantly experiencing a shift in the consumerism trends.

CEO: Ed Roche

Registered: 2001

Address: The Idea Factory, 7 Plank Road, Suite 200, St. John’s, NL A1E 1H3

Call: (709) 726-1449


The Idea Factory

  1. Bluecore Media

Looking for high-quality professional & accessible web development company in St John’s, Newfoundland? Bluecore media will be your one-stop solution for digital marketing. They are known for providing helpful solutions that empower the clients stand out in marketplace.

Registered: 2014

Address: 85 Mayor Ave, St. John’s, NL A1C 4N9, Canada

Call: +1 709-909-0860


Bluecore Media- digital marketing companies

  1. Prime Creative

Prime Creative consists of an all-star team that boasts as the region’s one of the most accomplished and experienced communications gang. They have a large pool of in-house resource who specialise in designing marketing trends, social media strategies, digital technological strategies etc.

CEO: John Murphy

Registered: 2008

Address: 39 Pippy Place, P.O. Box 14048, St. John’s, NL A1B 4B7

Call: 709.753.1121


Prime Creative - digital marketing companies

  1. Momentuum

They listen, they design and they execute. Momentuum believes that the very 1st step in travelling towards the path of success online.  They are different from the competitors because Momentuum believes in taking a different approach to different clients. They remove pain, stress, anxiety and overburden from the entire process of online branding.

President: Matt Yeatman

Registered: 2009

Address: Momentuum BPO Inc, 73 Richmond St W Suite L06, Toronto, ON M5H 4E8

Call: +1 (877) 870 8875


Momentuum - Digital Marketing Companies in Montreal

  1. BlueHat Marketing

One of the top-rated Montreal-based SEO and Internet Marketing Agency which has been at the forefront of delivering excellence for every project. They comprise a team of talented professionals from marketing, tech and designing backgrounds who collectively keep their clients ahead of every curve.

Chairman and CEO: Fadi Azba

Registered: 2009

Address: 5500 Avenue Royalmount suite 110, Mont-Royal, QC H4P 1H7

Call: (514) 564-5553

BlueHat Marketing

  1. Rablab

The company functions as Canad’s one of the top digital marketing companies with expertise in Programmatic, Amazon Ads, Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Paid Search Ads, Social Media Ads, SEO and more.

Co-founder: Nicolas Rabouille

Registered: 2015

Address: 7236 Waverly St. #221, Montreal, QC H2R 0C2

Call: 514.317.6764


Rablab - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. TTBA Group Inc

For custom strategies that are data-driven and result-oriented, TTBA Group Inc has been a trusted name by various businesses that aimed at achieving stable and consistent business success. They deliver excellence for every project after understanding the exact needs of the clients.

CEO: Konstantin Kostychuk

Registered: 2014

Address: 5538 Rue St-Patrick, Montreal, QC, Canada

Call: +1 (514) 700-5591


TTBA Group Inc- Digital Marketing companies

  1. Digitad

The company was created with the purpose of delivering high-value results in web marketing that too at affordable prices. A lot of businesses have been immensely benefited with their cutting-edge strategies backed by commendable transparency at every level.

Director: Tommy Delorme

Registered: 2015

5605 Avenue de Gaspé, Suite 703, Montreal, QC H2T 2A4

Call: (438) 796-4389


Digitad - digital marketing companies

  1. Ignite Visibility

The company is dedicated to results, responsiveness and relationships and is a full-service digital marketing agency. Its mission is to provide the most effective digital marketing solutions to various industry verticals that provide success, profit and growth.

CEO & Co-Founder: John Lincoln

Registered: 2011

Address: 4250 Executive Square, Ste. 100, La Jolla, CA 92037

Call: 619.752.1955

Ignite Visibility - digital marketing companies

  1. Frenzr Social Media Agency

A company consisting of passionate, innovative and raw people who design strategies that are engaging, meaningful and authentic – perfect for the social media achievement goals. They hack growth for their clients with the power of unparalleled concepts of content.

Founder: Mariella Katz

Registered: 2015


Call: (514)945-8895

Frenzr Social Media Agency

  1. CyberPublicity

CyberPublicity is a versatile firm that provides cutting-edge solutions for AI and unparalleled web-marketing strategies. For more than a decade, it has been able to make its clients chart-toppers of the search engine with consistent goal achievements and stability.

Owner: Benjamin Paradis

Registered: 2004

Address: 625 René-Lévesque Blvd W, suite 900, Montreal, QC, H3B 1R2, Canada

Call: 1-800-928-0869


  1. Omnivision Design

Omnivision is Canada’s one of the leading online marketing companies whose primary focus is SEO. Its offerings also include corporate video production, branding, Social Media optimization, graphic designing & print designing.

Owner: Andreas Deligeorge

Registered: 2005

Address: 106-7470 Sherbrooke W. Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4B 1S5

Call: (514) 655-6276


Omnivision Design

  1. Expandify Marketing Inc.

The company takes its pride in generating unbelievable sales leads by using remarkable concepts of online advertising. Expandify marketing empowers brands to scale their revenue with paid traffic and eventually become industry giants.

Co-Founder, COO, Vice-President & Treasurer: Jonathan Durante

Registered: 2017

Address: 2300 Boulevard Alfred Nobel, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4S 2A4


  1. Courimo

Courimo is an award-winning Montreal based Digital Marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes achieve their digital growth goals. They have specialisations in Google Ads, Social Media management, website design and development and more.

Founder & CEO: Elie Wahnoun

Registered: 2018

Address: 107-2020Route, TransCanadienne, Dorval, QC, H9P 2N4

Call: 1-877-513-2393



  1. K6 Agency

K6 Agency’s purpose is to explore, innovate and create relentlessly for their valuable clients to lead the competitive market. The company, since many years, has helped hundreds of clients within and outside Canada fulfil and achieve their digital growth goals with unparalleled concepts and strategies.

Python Engineer & Developer: Sucwinder Derise

Registered: 2021

Address: 5455 Avenue de Gaspé, suite 701, Montréal, QC H2V 2A1

Call: (438) 600-2311

K6 Agency

  1. AA Digital Marketing

AA Marketing’s strategies for business’ digital growth are sure to impress people. Their solutions provide people a deeper understanding of the clients’ business through multi-platform campaigns that drive engagement.

CEO: Isai Artiga-Alvarez

Registered: 2020

AA Digital Marketing

  1. StepForth Web Marketing Inc.

StepForth is a digital marketing company in Victoria, British Columbia that strives for desired results by improving the website’s visibility. They offer services like custom web strategy, web design, Search engine optimisation, PPC marketing, social media marketing and authority building. They have experience working with businesses of all sizes and a diverse range of local and international clients.

CEO: Ross Dunn

Registered: 1997

Address: 612 Yates St, Victoria BC, Canada, V8W 1K9

Call: +1 250-385-1190


Stepforth Web Marketing

  1. Stikky Media Inc.

Stikky Media is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions to mid-size and enterprise businesses worldwide. Their key services are Web Design, SEO, paid search, social media management, conversion optimization, content marketing, amazon ads, and video marketing. They are rated as the top 3 advertising agencies in Victoria by the Three Best Rated in 2021. They are also Facebook marketing Partners and Google partner.

CEO: Jesse McClinton

Registered: 2009

Address: 301-771 Vernon Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 5B7, CA

Call: +1 (866) 819-3756


stikky Media - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Island Digital Marketing

Island Digital Marketing is a Victoria-based performance marketing company, that aims to drive transformational growth for businesses. They offer services like Google Ads, PPC, SEO, Branding, analytics and conversion tracking, UI/UX, on-page optimization, web development, social media marketing and website audit. They work with brands of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500’s.

CEO/ Managing Director: Glen Smethurst

Registered: 2016

Address:  733 Johnson St Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 3C

Call: +1 250-415-0616


Island Digital Marketing

  1. Metamend Digital Marketing

Metamend is a leading enterprise marketing firm providing advanced digital marketing services to businesses worldwide. Metamend work to bring pre-qualified visitors to business websites through Paid and organic search services and then convert them into long-term commercial relationship through Conversion optimization. Their key services are Organic SEO, Paid search, conversion Optimization and Paid social media ads.

CEO: Todd Hooge

Registered: 1998

Address: 207-1121 Fort St, Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 3K9, Canada

Call: +1 866-381-6382


Metamend - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Plus ROI Online Marketing

PlusROI is a performance marketing agency serving small to medium-sized businesses. They serve clients from the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. Plus ROI offers services like Web Design, SEO and online advertising. They are a Premier Google Partner agency. They are also Facebook marketing Partners and on many other platforms like LinkedIn, Bing and Shopify.

CEO: Robert Cooper

Registered: 2007

Address: 4663 Lochwood Cres., Victoria, British Columbia V8Y1A9, CA

Call: (250) 294-0915


Plus ROI - Digital marketing

  1. Folks Digital

Folk Digital is a digital marketing agency serving small, medium and large businesses. They offer affordable marketing solutions. They offer services like website design, content strategy, SEO, Social media marketing, social media Ads, Graphic design, and print media. Their work is backed by data-driven results and reports.

CEO: Nishi Mohan

Registered: 2019

Address: 2623 Richmond Rd #202, Victoria, BC V8R 4S8

Call:  (250) 580-3532


Folks Digital

  1. IdeaZone

IdeaZone is a Victoria-based web design company. They are one of the oldest web design companies in Victoria. Their web designers have gained a reputation of design awesome WordPress websites. They also have clients in the US. They provide services such as marketing services, print design, web design, e-commerce designs,wordpress, social media and SEO. They are also Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified.

CEO/President: Jon Valade

Registered: 2000

Address: 33-1311 Hillside Ave, Victoria, British Columbia, V8T 2B3

Call:  (250) 412-5610


ideazone - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Caorda Web Solution

Caorda Web Solutions is a Victoria-based website design and development, hosting, digital marketing and software application agency. Their key service areas are Web design, Web application development, digital marketing,  database development, mobile app development, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Their CMS development covers WordPress, Drupal & Umbraco coupled with complete software development for desktop and mobile applications in .NET & PHP.

CEO: Rauvy Dalep

Registered: 2003

Address: 401–3795 Carey Rd. Victoria, BC V8Z 6T8

Call: +1 250.598.6772


Caorda Web Solutions- Digital Marketing Companies

  1. LYF Marketing

LYF Marketing is a collaborative and passionate multi-faceted marketing agency focused on helping realtors, brokers, and developers boost their growth. They provide a full-service marketing suite- From realtor website to social media, branding and design, Google advertising, Email marketing, and planning and strategy. They have also come up with an idea for a locally-focused online magazine.

CEO/Director of Operations: Dan Kerr

Registered: 2012

Address: 1321 Blanshard St #301, Victoria, BC V8W 0B6

Call: (778) 557-8855


Lyf Marketing

  1. Pilothouse Digital

Pilothouse Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in scaling directly to consumer brands through high output teamwork. Their team is made up of designers, funnel builders, and copywriters. They offer services like marketing, advertising, media buying, Google ads, social media ads, designing, amazon, and YouTube. They acquire customers at scale for high growth companies.

CEO: David Steele

Registered: 2019

Address: 1011 Government Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1X6

Call: 1-800-963-6420


Pilothouse Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Rocky Mountain Web

Rocky Mountain web is a digital marketing copany in Banff, Alberta offering a broad range of services like web design, e-commerce, web application development, SEO services, Google Analytics, social media marketing and website security. They have an extensive experience of over fifteen years

Registered: 2018

Address: Box 1837, Banff AB, Canada

Call:  1800 323 4752


Rocky Mountain Web- Digital Marketing Companies in Banff

  1. Marten Street Media

Marten Street Media is a Banff, Alberta based website development consultancy that offers services like SEO, eCommerce, Local search, Analytics, UX/UI, Funneling, branding and graphic design. They work with Shopify and Squarespace for web designing.

Owner + Lead Designer: Jess MacNally

Registered: 2020

Address: 100 Owl Street, Banff, Alberta

Call: 403-763-9318


Marten Street Media-web development


  1. Carmella Marketing

Carmella Marketing is an award-winning, nationally certified women-led marketing agency in Banff, Alberta . They offer services such as digital marketing, social media management, content strategies, business development, web development, brand development, advertising, media production and event marketing. They are Google Analytics and HubSpot academy Social Media certified.

President/CEO: Stephanie O’Brien

Registered: 2007

Address: 802 8 Street 201 Canmore, AB T1W 2B7

Call: 403.978.6788


Carmella Marketing

  1. Bow Valley Marketing

Bow Valley Marketing is a digital marketing agency nestled in the mountains of Banff, Alberta. We help local businesses and non-profits optimize their digital marketing and connect with their audiences. We help businesses or organizations thrive. With deep roots in marketing and tourism, we understand what it takes to succeed online. Consider us an extension to your team. We take care of all your marketing so you can focus on running your business. To achieve the best results for your business you need a seasoned expert who understands your industry and is passionate about collaborating with you to grow your business.

Founder/CEO: Moselle Dibdin

Registered: 2014

Address: Canmore, Alberta CA

Call: 403-679-1095


Bow Valley Marketing - Digital

  1. Seo Wizardry & Digital Marketing Banff

SEO wizardry is a digital marketing and SEO agency that is based in Banff and Canmore, Alberta. They offer services such as lead generation management, SEO services and website design and development.

Address: Cougar Creek Dr, Canmore, AB T1W 2X8

Call: (403) 404-7325

seowizardry - seo companies in Banff

  1. Analog Digital

Analog Digital is a creative agency that specializes in marketing, branding and websites. They provide solutions such as website design, social outreach, brand strategy, SEO and SEM.

Founders: Brit Burr & Ken Pillipow

Registered: 2019

Address: Canmore, Alberta CA

Call: +1 403-688-0216


Analog Digital

  1. GrowME Marketing

GrowME Marketing is an award-winning full-service marketing agency in Alberta, serving clients across Canada. They offer services like social media consulting/management, website design, online advertising PPC and SEO. They are Google AdWord and Analytics certified Google Partners.

Founder / CEO: Tarek Mohajer

Registered: 2013

Address: 1950 10 Ave SW, Unit 201, Calgary, Alberta T3C0J8, CA

Call: (403) 547-6963


Growme Marketing

  1. BubbleUP Marketing 

BubbleUP is a leading digital marketing and web design agency in Banff, Alberta, Canada. They are specialized in website development and business strategy. They offer services like SEO, online advertising, conversion optimisation, online market analysis, PPC advertisement, social media management, web development, web design, print and promotional materials. They are also Google Partners.

CEO/President: Jason Vance

Registered: 2003

Address: 17865 106A Avenue NW Unit 101 Edmonton, AB  T5S 1V8

Call: 587-805-0657


BubbleUP Marketing

  1. Truth & Brand

Truth & Brand is a digital marketing and Communications service provider. They offer services like public relations, social media, media relations, project management, communications, Strategic planning, SEO, SEM, digital marketing, content marketing, google and website.

Founder/CEO: Nancy Ruiz

Registered: 2019

Address: Canmore, AB T1W0L4, CA

Call: +1 403-609-0778


Truth and Brand

  1. Mammoth Agency

The company believes in being strategically creative, which, helps them to design the custom-fitted plans that work to meet the unique goals of each company. The digitally-led agency is focused on empowering brands to stand apart in the competitive crowd.

Graphic Designer: Rashid Sadykov

Registered: 2019

Contact: 301 Hoge St.
Whitehorse, Yukon


mammoth-agency-digital marketing companies

  1. Yyost Digital

The company is dedicated to empowering the clients with plans that focus them to gain a strategic online presence. They build comprehensive strategies that maximise the visitor’s returns and amplify the chances of conversion.

President: Chris May

Registered: 2018

Contact: 5-420 Erb St. W, Waterloo, ON, N2J 1N9

Call:- 519 501 0382


YYost - digital marketing companies

  1. Aasman Brand Communications

Their eyes are on your future! And hence, their kick-ass team members use their brand expertise backed by strongly fine-tuned concepts for ensuring the company’s digital growth goals. Sharpen your business edge with their experience by your side.

Founder: Al Aasman

Registered: 2007

Contact: 402 Hanson Street, Second Floor
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 1Y8

Call: 867.668.5248


Aasman Brand Communications

  1. First Contact Web Design

A web designing company providing custom strategies that will help you enhance your online presence. They also let you have control over the content and content flow along with accurate analytics.

Owner: Roger Willies

Registered: 2009

Contact: 45 12 Ave E, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 4J7, Canada

Call: (867) 335-1998


first contact web design

  1. OUTCROP Communications

A north-western Canadian agency which has roots in Canada’s three territories. They specialise in formulating compelling content that meets the client’s needs effectively.

CEO: Chris Ferris

Registered: 1997

Contact: #305-104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 0M2

Call: +1 867-766-6700


outcrop communication

  1. Kellett Communications Inc

A talented team of marketers, designers, strategists, developers and project managers who live by the values for providing fabulous results in brand marketing and communications.

President: William Kellett

Registered: 2005

Contact: Unit 402 – 303 Alexander Street, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2L5

Call: + 1 (867) 668 7530

Kellett Communication

  1. Inkspirationz

Inkspirationz is a full-service design studio and custom fabrication shop based in Whitehorse, Yukon. From our humble beginnings as a sign painting shop of one, we’ve grown to a staff of six sign makers, fabricators and designers. Come see us to discuss your next signage, branding or display project.

Owner: Stephanie Churchill

Registered: 2004

Contact: 120 Platinum Road, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 6A9

Call: +1 867.668.2114


  1. NORTH60 Media

North60 Tech is the hub for generating and developing impactful ideas and taking them to market. Their ideas stem from combining existing and well-understood trends with cutting edge technologies to create a significant societal impact leading to positive lifestyle enhancements while making things simpler, efficient and certainly more effective than the current alternatives.

CEO: Rick Walia

Registered: 2021

Contact: 2180 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon

Call: 1-867-689-1607

North60 tech

  1. MBDC Marketing

They are a creative agency specializing in brand and digital. Based in Whitehorse, Yukon, we help companies across Canada increase their visibility through responsive websites design, and manage SEO, SEM, and social media campaigns.

Owner: Bianca Ericsson

Registered: 2018

Contact: 2180 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5N6


MBDC Marketing

  1. Bizont

They are a team of experienced, approachable and results-driven designers, developers, content strategists and marketing specialists that apply cutting-edge methodologies to build engaging, usable, high-quality products.

CEO: Marcos Castillo

Registered: 2015

Contact: 301-309 Strickland Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada



  1. Shout Media

Shout Media is a full-service marketing and communications agency that focuses on creating engaging brands, designing responsive websites and mobile apps, and social media campaigns. They offer services such as online marketing, web development, creative strategy and branding, print services and recruitment marketing. They are Google and Facebook marketing partners.

CEO: Suzanne Christie


Address: 37 Cumberland Street South 204, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, Ontario

Call: (807) 285-3404


shout media - digital marketing companies

  1. Ninesixty Media Group Inc.

Ninesixty Media Group Inc is a Thunder Bay based branding, web design, advertising, social media marketing and video production agency that specializes in brand building. They offer services such as branding & graphic design, web design & SEO, social media & digital marketing, photography and videoproduction. They work across Canada and United States.

CEO/Co-Founder: Debbie Coran Anderson

Registered: 2012

Address: 272 Park Ave, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 1C5, Canada

Call: +1 807-632-0337


ninesixty media - digital marketing companies

  1. Sociable Thunder Bay

Social Thunder Bay is a Thunder Bay based digital marketing company that specializes in photography, videography and websites. They offer services such as web designing, photography and videography, and advertising and marketing.

CEO: Brook Dallaire

Address: Thunder Bay, ON


Sociable Thunder Bay

  1. Webpros2

Webpros2 is a web development and online marketing agency that offers small to medium-sized businesses customizable websites, web design, e-commerce solutions, social media marketing and email campaigns.  WebPros2 creates custom Solutions to improve and optimize online presence,

CEO: Maggie Holbik

Registered: 2014

Address: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Call: +1 807-627-1831


Webpros2 - digital marketing companies

  1. Firedog Communications

Firedog Communications is an award-winning creative communications agency based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They offer integrated marketing communications services including strategy, branding, public relations, creative designs, social media marketing, content marketing, Email Marketing and SEO.

CEO: Stephanie Ash

Registered: 2003

Address: 32 Court St. South Thunder Bay, ON P7B 2W5

Call: (807) 767-4443


Firedog Communications - digital marketing companies

  1. Superior Digital

Superior Digital is a Thunder Bay based Digital marketing solutions provider that specializes in websites, design, marketing automation, ad buying and optimization. They offer services such as digital marketing strategies, websites, social media, content marketing, market research advertising, Google AdWords and email marketing.

President/CEO: Lauren Rigato

Call: 1 (807) 633 1214


Superior Digital

  1. Creon Media

Creon Media is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Thunder Bay, Ontario that specializes in the field of marketing and advertisement. They offer services like Web design and development, and graphic design. SEO, digital advertising, hybrid app development and mobile app development.

Address: 310 Bolton Crescent, Thunder Bay ON, P7C 1S2

Call: 807 252 8575


Creon Media

  1. Spun Creative

Spun Creative is a Thunder Bay based digital marketing and video production agency that specializes in the art of building brands. They create a brand experience. They offer services like video- commercials and music videos and photography- still and motion.

Registered: 2011

Address: 8A Cumberland St S suite 201, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7A4K8, CA Thunder Bay, Ontario

Call: + (807) 707 7484


Spun Creative

  1. BOLT Media

Bolt Media is a Thunder Bay based full-service web design and digital marketing agency that specializes in web design, development and marketing. They offer services such as web design, web development, WordPress Integration + plugin development, online marketing, SEO and SEM.

Founder/CEO: Steve Kis

Registered: 2013

Address: 1127 BARTON ST, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5N3, CA

Call: 1-807-286-0048


Bolt Media

  1. Sencia Canada Ltd

Sencia Canada Ltd is an innovative software application development agency that focuses on  SaaS ( software as a service). They work with clients across the world. They offer services like learning management systems, application development, e-learning, safety management system, custom web application, web hosting and responsive web design.

President & CEO: Irene Kozlowski

Registered: 2001

Address: Suite 301 – 91 Cumberland St. S. Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6A7

Call: (807) 768.6603


Sencia Canada

  1. Multee Media Corp

Multee Media Corp is a media production company that is based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. They offer services like web design, corporate identity, media production, stationery and other products, and graphic design.

Director: Stewart Rathje

Registered: 2016

Address: Suite 114, 105 North May Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7C3N9, CA

Call:  +1 807-622-1966

multee media

  1. Digital Mammoth

Digital Mammoth is a Thunder Bay based branding, graphic design and web design and development agency. They offer services such as web design & development, graphic design, branding and logo design, and social media marketing.

Co-owner/CEO: Dylan Uurainen

Registered: 2021

Address: 103 Windemere Ave S, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 4M5, Canada

Call: 807-633-3538


Digital Mammoth

  1. Stealth Media –

Stealth Media is a full-service web design and digital marketing company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that offers web design, marketing products and data-driven strategy. They provide services such as web design, SEO, Video and photo, reputation management, social media, traditional media and print and digital campaigns. They also have the exposure of working with organizations like Deloitte.

COO/ Managing Director: Ryan Janzen

Registered: 2006

Address: 15 Innovation Blvd, 210, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N2X8, CA

Call: (306) 978-9018


Stealth Media - seo companies in Saskatoon

  1. OpenSail Digital Agency – Digital Marketing

OpenSail Digital is a leading Saskatoon based digital marketing agency. They offer services such as organic social media, social media ads, Google ads, Amazon Ads, web design, content design, graphic design, photo & video and analytics & pixel.They also offer 3D animation and video for social media advertising.

CEO: Derrick Swanson

Registered: 2014

Address: 700-750 Spadina Crescent East Saskatoon, SK

Call: 306-500-3300


OpenSail Digital Agency

  1. FormativeLabz

FormativeLabz is a Saskatoon based full-service digital marketing, web development, and graphic design agency. They provide services like graphic designing, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, web design and development and mobile app development. They also work in the US, Middle East, and India.

CMO: Vijay Nair

Registered: 2020

Address: 435,Eaton Lane, Saskatoon, CA

Call: +1 639-384-2212


FormativeLabz - digital marketing companies

  1. Zeal Media Inc.

Zeal Media is a web design company serving small businesses across Canada with complete marketing strategy through website development, SEO, ecommerce, graphic design, branding and logo design. They have had the exposure of work for multiple industries.

CEO: Ryan Boutin

Registered: 2011

Address: 1736 Quebec Avenue, 36, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 1V9, CA

Call: 888-454-0620

ZealMedia - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Trusted Marketing Services

Trusted Marketing Services a full-service Saskatchewan marketing agency. They offer web design, social media management, marketing strategy, graphic design, and video services. They are ranked Top 3 advertising agencies in Saskatoon by Three Best Rated in 2019. They are also rated five stars by Google Rating.

CEO: Sara Wheelwright

Registered: 2014

Address: 310 Wall St #205, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1N7

Call: 306.244.4153 OR +1 306-244-4153


Trusted Marketing Services

  1. Voice X Marketing Agency

Voice X is a full service marketing agency. Their key areas of services are SEO, Voice SEO, web design, Google Ads, social media ads, funnel building, chatbot development, content marketing, social media posting, lead generation and general IT support. They are partners with Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. They have an working experience of fifteen years.

Founder/CEO: Matt Jordan

Registered: 2020

Address: 8810 Hincks Lane, Regina, SK S4Y0B8, CA

Call: 3062162671


Trusted Marketing Services

  1. Clash Copy Corp Marketing Solutions

Clash Copy is a marketing agency providing high-quality content for the IT industry. This includes MSPs, SaaS organizations, and new businesses in the technology industry. They offer services like SEO, Graphic design, social media ads, Email campaign, ebooks, infographics, lead generation and social media post.

CEO: Clare Schell

Registered: 2020

Address: 126 Frobisher Crescent,. Saskatoon SK S7K 4Y5

Call: 1-833-632-6047


Clash Copy

  1. Phoenix Advertising Group

Phoenix Advertising is a full-service agency that works with brands in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Western Canada on advertising, branding and design. They offer services like branding, web development, advertising, online advertising, visual identity, and integrated campaigns. They have extensive experience of over twenty years.

CEO/President: Pam Klein

Registered: 1982

Address: 195-1621 Albert Street Regina, SK, Canada S4P 2S5

Call: +1 306-585-9500


Phoenix advertising

  1. unINK Marketing & Creative Agency

unINK is Saskatoon based marketing and creative agency that strategize, develop, build, execute, analyze and adjust marketing strategy for the digital world. They provide services like website development, online advertising, creative design, social media management and graphic design. They are accredited with a lot of awards like Hermes platinum awards and the Three Best Rated.

Founder/CEO: Dustin Ratzaff

Registered: 2013

Address: 203 – 220 20th St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W9

Call: (306) 700-5105



  1. Blue Moose Media

Blue Moose Media is a Saskatchewan based award-winning social media and digital marketing training, consulting and Speaking. Their services include a four-day Digital Marketing Certification, social media and digital marketing training, private consulting and coaching, and public speaking on a broad range of topics related to social media and digital marketing. Their key services are Branding, content development, audit & analytics and digital marketing training and consulting.

CEO + Co-Founder: Travis Low

Registered: 2016

Address: 227 21st St E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0B7

Call: 306.250.7782



  1. Saskatoon Media Group

Saskatoon media is a Saskatoon based multi-platform media company, serving local businesses to potential customers through radio and digital offerings. Their key services are advertising, marketing, small business, events, radio and digital marketing. They also have their own radio stations-92.9 the Bull, YOUR Country Station and more.

CEO: Darren Dupont

Registered: 2007

Address: 219 Robin Crescent, Saskatoon, S7L 6M8

Call: 306 244 1975


Saskatoon media

  1. Revolve

Revolve is a full-service branding and digital marketing company Halifax, Nova Scotia serving clients across Canada and the USA. They are one of Canada’s premier branding and marketing agencies. They provide branding consultation, advertising, design, strategy, media buying, web development, corporate social responsibility and public relations.

CEO: Phil Otto

Registered: 1986

Address: Suite 225, 200 Waterfront Drive, Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 4J4, CA

Call: +1 902-835-3559


Revolve - Digital Marketing Company

  1. Social Spike Marketing Group

Social Spike is a digital marketing company in Halifax, Nova Scotia that helps businesses rank on Google and improve their online visibility. Their services include Social Media Marketing, web design, online marketing, SEO, content writing and SEO consultation.

CEO/President: John Cody

Registered: 2015

Address: 609-569 Washmill Lake Dr. Halifax, NS B3S0E3

Call: +1 (902) 710 8063


Social-Spike - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Grandway Marketing

Grandway Marketing is a digital marketing company in Halifax, Nova Scotia that specializes in web design, SEO, E-commerce, graphic design and branding. Their key services are web design, web development, WordPress, SEO, email marketing, branding, graphic design, logo design, web maintenance, eCommerce and digital marketing.

Founder & CEO: Nic Stana

Registered: 2017

Address: 2021 Brunswick St, Suite 219M, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2Y5, CA

Call: 902-982-1442


Grandway Marketing

  1. Red Ear Media

Red Ear Media is a Halifax based web design and digital marketing company, that provides custom website design and GoogleAds, Facebook Ads account management. They offer services such as Adwords, web design, WordPress, PPC, website development, SEM, SEO, logos, branding and graphic design.

CEO/President: Tracy Milsom

Registered: 2014

Address: 433 Sheppards Run, Beechville, Nova Scotia B3T2G6, CA

Call: 902.410.1971


Red Ear Media - web development

  1. VERB Interactive

VERB interactive is a Halifax based conversion-focused digital marketing agency, specializing in solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. They offer services like digital marketing, website and mobile app development, SEO, paid search advertising, social media marketing and analytics campaign.

President & CEO: Andy Maclellan

Registered: 2004

Address: 1656 Barrington Street, 5th Floor Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 0C2 Canada

Call: 902.444.7656


VERB Interactive - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Nova Digital

Nova Digital is a Halifax based digital marketing agency, specializing in SEO and web design. They offer services such as digital strategy, SEO, digital advertising, social media marketing, web design, and conversion optimization. They are pioneers when it comes to serving small businesses.

Owner/CEO: Paul Wildy

Registered: 2019

Address: 800 – 1701 Hollis St, Halifax, NS, B3J 3M8

Call: +1 902-704-1704


Nova Digital - seo companies in Halifax

  1. Direct Ad Factory

Direct Ad Factory is a digital marketing companies in Halifax,  Nova Scotia, specializing in brand strategy. They offer services such as design, customizability, SEO, online video tutorials, website development, logos and media and social media promotion.

Owner/CEO: Brian Geddes

Registered: 2018

Address: 2 Victoria Grove, Bridgewater, NS, Canada, Nova Scotia

Call: +1 902-521-0441


Direct Ad Factory - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Creative Curve Media Group Inc.

Creative Curve Media is a graphic and web design, and print services company that works toward empowering small and medium businesses. They offer services such as project management, marketing, communications, advertising and printing, web development, graphic design and print services. They are ranked among the three best web designers in Halifax, Nova Scotia by the Three Best Rated in 2021.

President/CEO: John Copp

Registered: 2010

Address: 6450 Young Street 4, Halifax, NS B3L 2A3

Call: 902-405-9191


Creative Curve Media - Digital marketing Companies

  1. Charcoal Marketing

Charcoal Marketing is an offshoot of Headspace design. They are a digital marketing company specializing in design and project development. They offer services such as web design, inbound marketing, content creation, app development, analytics, brand development, inbound marketing and event marketing.

CMO: Mike Hayes

Registered: 2016

Address: 200 – 6239 Quinpool Road Halifax, NS, B3L 1A4

Call: 902 454 8893


Charchoal Marketing - seo companies in Halifax

  1. AlphaSearch

AlphaSearch is a Halifax based SEO and Digital Marketing agency. THey track the search engines, industry trends, and constantly improving method to meet the requirement. Their key areas of service are SEO services, Google Ads and website consulting. They have been working in this field for more than fifteen years.

Owner: Peter Sickles

Registered: 2004

Address: 3045 Robie Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. B3K 4P6

Call: 902-818-5595


AlphaSearch - Digital marketing Companies

  1. Boom12 Communications

Boom12 Communication is a boutique digital agency specializing in web, social media, digital marketing and strategic communications. They offer services such as web design & development, graphic design, social media & digital marketing, strategic communications, email marketing and integrated communications and marketing.

CEO/Founder: Scott Gillard

Registered: 2013

Address: 6218 Quinpool Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L1A3, CA

Call: 902.402.2962


Boom12 Communication - Digital marketing

  1. BeResponsive Media

BeResponsive Media is a digital marketing companies in Halifax, Nova Scotia that specializes in working with medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. They offer services such as marketing, web development, branding,marketing strategy, video, graphic design, SEO, digital brand management and social media management.

CEO/Co-Founder: David Tonen

Registered: 2015

Address: 35 Bloom Lane, Suite 213 Bedford, NS, Canada B4B 2E6

Call: +1 902-832-6178



Boom12 Communication - Digital marketing

  1. Netnotic Marketing Inc.

Netnotic Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing strategy development and execution of SEO, Google Ads and website development. Owner Galen Sonntag of Netnotic Marketing is a Google Ads Certified Professional.

CEO/Owner: Galen Sonntag

Registered: 2011

Address: 543 Scissons Cres Saskatoon, SK S7S 1A6

Call: 306-371-4595


Boom12 Communication - Digital marketing

  1. YasTech Developments, Inc.

YasTech is a trusted Saskatoon based web design company that helps businesses grow through strategic, custom websites, marketing and SEO. Their key services are web design, software development, website applications, online marketing, social media marketing, branding, graphic design, mobile app development and SEO.

CEO/President: Michael Yasieniuk

Registered: 2007

Address: 2222 Ave C N, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7L 6C3, CA

Call: +1 306-249-9609



  1. Insight Studio

Insight Studio is a full-service marketing agency that facilitates, plans and implements strategic marketing plans and campaigns for businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes. They offer services like branding, Market research and strategies, online marketing SEO, social media strategy and management, graphic design and web development.

CEO/Owner/Partner: Kerry Anne MacDougall

Registered: 2009

Address: 710-119 Kent Street, BDC Place, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1N3

Call: 902 626 3835


Insight Studio - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Big Surge Inc.

Big Surge is a Digital design, production & marketing agency. Their areas of expertise are a website development and digital marketing. They offer services like Website design and Content, SEO, mobile application development, branding, digital marketing, E-commerce, and UX-UI design.

CEO/ Digital Media: Neeti Sharma

Registered: 2018

Address:  Queen St, 102&105, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island CA

Call: +1 902-213-9913


Big Surge - Digital Marketing Companies


ART FRESH is a multi-award-winning full-service marketing agency focusing on marketing strategy, brand design, marketing communication, building a brand and managing it. They have a vast experience of over twenty years. Their key area of services are Brand name, marketing, creative design, explainer video, social media, web design, and content creation.

CEO/ Creative Director: Elena Yanovskaya-Herweyer

Registered: 2011

Address: PO Box 312, Charlottetown CTL, PE, C1A 7K7

Call: +1.902.394.7272


ART FRESH - Digital Marketing companies

  1. TechnoMedia

TechnoMedia is a full-service marketing, communications and design agency. They have extensive experience in the field of more than thirty years. They offer services like branding, graphic design, website development, photography, interpretive design, social media and project management.

CEO/Partner: Roberta MacLean

Registered: 1988

Address: 17 Pownal Street, Charlottetown PE, C1A 3V7

Call: 1-902-368-3043


TechnoMedia - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Graphcom – Design, Web, Marketing

Graphcom is a premier branding, web and digital marketing companies in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They offer services like graphic design and marketing. They create websites that lead users to the business by creating creative, memorable designs relevant to the business.

CEO/President/Art Director: Craig MacLeod

Registered: 1984

Address: 124 Sydney Street, Gahan House Office Suites, Suite 200, Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 1G4 Canada

Call: 902-892-0029


Graphcom- Digital marketing Companies

  1. AOR Solutions

AOR solutions is a management consulting and digital marketing companies in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They partner with businesses of all sectors to develop and implement solutions for complex challenges. They offer solutions like web design and development, SEO and analytics, digital marketing, marketing and communication and graphic design.

CEO/Chief strategist: Michelle MacDonald

Registered: 2003

Address: 5707 St. Peters Rd, Box 63,

St Peters Bay PE C0A 2A0 PO Box 63

Call: (902) 367-3531


AOR Solutions

  1. The Dunne Group

The Dune Group is a Prince Edward Island-based advertising agency providing business consultation support to businesses of all sizes. Their areas of expertise are research, management consulting, government relations and project management. They offer services like government relations, lead generation business strategy and business research.

CEO/President: Steve Dunne

Registered: 1998

Address: 118 Sydney St, Charlottetown, PEI CA

Call: 902.892.1115


Dune Group

  1. VMG Creative Marketing & Events

VMG is a marketing and events management agency. They create epic campaigns and events that build brand and grow business. They have an experience of more than fifteen years. Their key areas of services are marketing, PR and communication, Conference and Event management and project management.

Owner/CEO: Tracey Singleton

Registered: 2008

Address: 293 Allen Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2W1, CA


vmg marketing

  1. Brand & Mortar

Brand & Mortar has a great presence as a branding agency in Toronto. They are an award-winning full-stack company that specialises in SEO, PPC Ads, Content Marketing, Web Design & more. They have assisted thousands of businesses across North America with strategic brand management solutions to grow and scale to be household names. Strong communication and result-driven strategies are their strong fortes.

CEO: Jordan Shea

Registered: 2014

Address: 31 Powerhouse St. Suite 203, Toronto, ON. M6H 0C7

Call: +1 416 729 1154


Brand & Mortar - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. BrandLume Inc

Meet all your digital marketing requisites all in one single place – that’s what BranLume speaks volumes of. They also harbour a non-sales support team, so say bye-bye to those annoying mails and calls that pitch unnecessary services. They offer solutions for SEO, PPC, SMO, Website designing and development & many more. In fact, subscribing to their services is as easy as buying a shirt on Amazon – as they coin it as Amazonification!

CEO & President: Raham Laridashti

Registered: 2018

Address: 91 Oxford St, Toronto, ON M5T 1P2

Call: +1 855-864-6283


BrandLume - digital marketing companies

  1. EDKENT® Media

Edkent Media is Toronto’s one of the leading digital marketing companies in Canada which have created a name for itself with high-quality service and delivery excellence. In the cluttered industry of digital marketing service providers, they put forward customised and competitive strategies that open multiple doors to growth potential for businesses of all sizes. They make a simple and straightforward approach.

Managing Director: Kenny Tripura

Registered: 2013

Address: 3075 14th Ave. #212, Markham, ON, L3R 5M1 Canada

Call: +1 6473611074


EdkentMedia- digital marketing companies

  1. Awkward Media – A Creative Marketing Agency

Built on the freedom of imagination, Awkward Media stands strong with a talented team of creative bugs that do their job the best. Their digital marketing services are entirely fuelled by the flair of unconventional ideas and the artistic flair of talented individuals, who find inspiration in nearly everything, everywhere!

CEO & Founder: Zarar Rasool

Registered: 2011

Address: 230 – 43 Hanna Ave, Toronto ON M6K1X1, Canada

Call: 647) 519-6497


Awkward Media- Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Local SEO Search INC

The founder John Vuong passionately pursued a career in high-quality marketing and so, later on, he created a local SEO search to assist the small, medium and large enterprises of Ontario, Toronto and other Canadian cities to create strong digital footprints in the market. The company is a family-focused boutique agency that establishes a long-term agency-based relationship with its cutting-edge SEO services.

CEO: John Vuong

Address: 210 Simcoe St Unit 2109, Toronto, ON M5T 0A9

Call: +1 416 888 8756
1 877 689 5268


Local Seo Search- digital marketing companies


Across the vast business communities of Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto and Ontario, creating a niche in the already cluttered market can be difficult and solves the challenge like a pro! With unparalleled concepts in digital marketing and scalable strategies, Yopie provides excellent services and assistance to its clients in achieving their digital growth goals.

Managing Director: Michael Pidgeon

Registered: 2015

Address: Yopie Digital Marketing, 100 King St West, Suite 5700, Toronto, ON M5X1C7

Call: (416) 915-4268


Yopie- digital marketing companies

  1. Volt Studios

As a multi-faceted production company, Volt Studios offers incredible production services in the form of creative videos, commercial videos, awareness campaigns and many more. They strive to make a visual impact on every client in the crowded market.

Founder: Steve Medin

Registered: 2007

Address: 733 S. Marquette Ave., Suite #1300, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Call: (612) 455-6161

Volt Studios - digital marketing companies

  1. Canada Create™

Canada Create™ devices unparalleled methods that assist businesses to get greater visibility amidst tough competition. Their result-driven strategies attract the desired growth accents which give each and every client a brilliant scope for striking an optimal balance between demand and supply.

Founders: Vincent Brothers

Registered: 2008

Address: 126 Willowdale Ave #3, North York, ON M2N 4Y2

Call: (416) 273-9030


Canada Create- digital marketing companies

  1. Search & Gather

A digital marketing agency that takes pride in taking the digital potential of a business to the next level with unparalleled strategies and results.

CEO: Drew Karges

Registered: 2016

Address: 18 Hook Ave #201, Toronto, ON M6P 1T4, Canada

Call: +1 (647) 544-3684

Search & Gather- digital marketing companies

  1. MacRAE’S

The digital marketing agency is one of Canada’s leading experts in B2B marketing and information services. They have helped hundreds of clients across the globe with fabulous digital marketing strategies that helped them create a niche in a crowded industry.

CEO: Hugh Owen

Registered: 2000

Address: 507 Lakeshore Rd E #206, Mississauga, ON L5G 1H9, Canada

Call: 1.877-629-6104

MacRAE'S - digital marketing companies

  1. Unite Interactive

Unite Interactive is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Winnipeg that works across many industry verticals including manufacturing, mining, government,etc. They offer services such as website audit and strategy, development and IT, web design, digital marketing and video/photography. They have also won many awards.

CEO: Mike Bettens

Registered: 2016

Address: 300-250 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3B 0S5

Call:  204-255-5062


Unite Interactive - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Gustin Quon

Gustin Quon is a top-rated lead generation and SEO services provider in Winnipeg, that specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other paid advertising channels. They offer services like SEO, digital marketing, branding, strategy and PPC. They are also adjudged as top SEO company in Canada by Clutch in 2021.

CTO: Corey Janses

Registered: 2017

Address: 1460 Chevrier Blvd, 208, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Y6, CA

Call: (204) 808-9726


Gustin Quon - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Design Ocean

Design Ocean is an integrated creative agency that delivers creative communications for clients like website design, mobile apps, brochures, 3D visualization, photography, marketing and public relations. They offer services like web development, web design, brand development, marketing collateral, video animation, 3D animations, whiteboard animation, 3D renderings, architectural visualization, architectural walkthrough animation, 360 Panorama, and virtual reality

Owner/CEO: Bhavik Patel

Registered: 2019

Address: 201 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Call: (204) 500-5303


Design Ocean - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Sphere Media Agency

Sphere Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers services such as SEO, websites, e-Commerce websites, Google adword, Social media marketing, graphic design, logo design, youtube marketing, Email automation, editing services, video production, and graphic animation.

Owner/CEO: Dominick Blais

Registered: 2016

Address: Kildonan Place RPO Box 43084 Winnipeg, MB R3C

Call: (204) 977-2805 OR (855) 313-2805


sphere media agency -Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Evolution Digital Marketing | Webdesign & SEO

Evolution Digital Marketing is a Winnipeg based digital marketing company that helps businesses design digital marketing and social media campaigns that communicate their brand’s message to the target audience effectively. They offer services like digital marketing, social media marketing, Facebook ads, Amazon sales, web design, Instagram ads, Google adwords, and SEO.

President/CEO: Ray Bilgera Saulon

Registered: 2016

Address: 56 Don Valley Parkway, Unit 1, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C2Z2, CA

Call: +1 431-588-3533


Evolution Digital Marketing

  1. More Hot Leads 

More Hot Leads is a lead generation and advertising services provider in Winnipeg. They provide services such as SEO, lead generation, video marketing, local business listing, wordpress websites, funnel optimization, landing page creation, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, digital marketing, marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages, web design, internet marketing, PPC, Google, Bing and LinkedIn ads.

Co-Founder & Managing partner: Joshua Polsky

Registered: 2015

Address: 1460 Chevrier BLVD , 233, Winnipeg, mb R3T 1Y7, CA

Call: (844)-296-9025


More Hot Leads - Digital Marketing Companies


Loudspace is a digital marketing and advertising agency in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They help businesses attract customers through media creation and digital advertising. They offer services such as video production, brand strategy, website development, and digital advertising.

Founder: Jon Stebbe

Registered: 2016

Address: Winnipeg, MB R3N1N7, CA

Call: +1 877-655-9678


Loudspace - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. First Rank SEO Marketing

First rank SEO Marketing is a lead generation agency that specializes in SEO services. They offer web marketing solutions to medium and large-sized companies, both locally and globally. They offer services like single site SEO, local business SEO,video SEO, search engine domination, online reputation management, integration marketing, and Google ads.

Founder/CEO: Jacob Kettner

Registered: 2014

Address: 215-309 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg MB R3A 1T3

Call: 204-272-7265


First rank SEO Marketing - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Metric Marketing

Metric Marketing is a digital marketing company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They offer services like strategic planning, market research, content marketing strategy, search engine marketing, visual identity creation, campaign development, analytics configuration, conversion rate optimization, website design and development, media planning, buying and analytics, in-campaign analytics consulting and reporting , custom dashboard creation , and analytics account audits.

CEO: John McDonald

Registered: 1999

Address: 291 Garry Street Winnipeg, MB Canada R3C 1H9

Call: +1 204-889-1906


Metric Marketing- Digital Marketing Companies

  1. The SEO Hive Digital Marketing Solutions

The SEO Hive Digital Marketing Solutions is an affordable Winnipeg based full-service  digital marketing company. They offer services like custom website development, web analytics, PPC management, brand management, content marketing, local SEO, and Organic SEO. They are also members of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Creative Head: Jason Walter

Registered: 2019

Address: 330 St Mary’s Avenue, Suite 300, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z5.

Call: +1 (639) 999-1447


The SEO Hive Digital Marketing Solutions

  1. TMD Marketing

TMD Marketing is a digital marketing and web design company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They specializes in establishing a brand’s digital presence with reputation management, social media marketing, responsive website development, search engine optimization, review generation, and listings management strategies. They provide services such as advertising, web design, graphic design, branding & brand development, inbound marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Media – Management & Advertising, content marketing, and digital marketing.

Registered: 2020

Address: 500-167 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

Call: +1 204 615 3599


TMD Marketing - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. 6P Marketing

6P Marketing is a full-service marketing communications agency in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that specializes in delivering results-oriented services. They offer services such as small business marketing, strategy, research, online and offline advertising, branding, CMS Websites, Email Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

CEO/President: Paul Provost

Registered: 2007

Address: 300 – 44 Princess Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1K2

Call: 204.474.1654


6P Marketing - Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Stack Marketing

Stack Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and design agency in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, that specializes in quality, innovation and speed. They offer services like website design, online marketing, digital branding, SEO optimisation, wordpress hosting and VPS hosting.

Founder/CEO: John Starr

Registered: 2014

Address: 330 St Mary Avenue Suite 300 Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z5

Call: 1 (204) 312-1871


Stack Marketing- Digital Marketing Companies

  1. Konstruct Digital

An elite team consisting of some of the most talented creators, thinkers and analysts, Konstruct Digital can do possibly more than you think. They provide their services to some of the most top-notch organisations of the country. They offer three-sixty-degree digital marketing solutions to various companies.

Head of Search: Joel Messner

Registered: 2018

Address: CALGARY, ALBERTA, 1235 26 Ave SE

Call: 4038141137


Konstruct Digital - seo companies

  1. True Market

True Market designs integrated marketing solutions that fetch sales and leads for businesses in both offline and online worlds. Right from designing business cards to rebranding. They have full marketing funnels that open revenue generating aspects in the business. Talk today to discuss your strategy.

Founder & Chief: True Market

Registered: 2003

Address: 28, 2333 18 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8T6

Call: 403-561-6236


True Market - seo companies in Banff

  1. Arc Reactions Inc

A lot of clients had been satisfied with the level of finesse and perfection of Arc Reactions Inc, but they also offer a plethora of other branding solutions that keep the companies afloat and safe in their journey towards success. Their team of creative professionals will help you focus on your business growth.

Owner: David Still

Registered: 2011

Address: 104 – 1240 Kensington Rd. NW, Suite 323 Calgary, AB, T2N 3P7


AlphaSearch - Digital marketing CompaniesArc Reactions

  1. Brand Vision

Brand Vision a digital marketing companies in Calgary commits to bring your vision to life. So, if you have the zeal to make it big digitally, Brand Vision can assist you realise the aim.  They specialise in Web development, design, branding, social media, advertising & more. Their strategies and innovations are custom tailored for business success.

Project Manager: Hamoun A

Registered: 2004

Address: Suite 205 – 1131A Leslie Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3L8

Call: (416) 360-3434


Brand Vision

  1. Full Blast Creative

Looking for a digital marketing companies in Calgary that knows to strike the right balance between art and technology for an incredible marketing strategy? Full Blast Creative can help. They offer a wide range of services in branding, social media and digital marketing.

Owner: Michael Wynn

Registered: 2012

Address: #113 1240 20 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 1M8

Call: 403 608 2661

full blast creative

  1. Versett

They combine technology, data science, strategy and designs that aim to solve the most complex business challenges. The specialised teams at the firm provide services in product design & development for companies with higher growth.

MD & Co-founder: Doug van Spronsen

Registered: 2012

Address: 1410 1122 4 St. SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 1M1 Canada

Call: 1.884.VERSETT



  1. CAYK Marketing Inc.

Whether it is optimising your website and rebranding, CAYK analytics will provide your business the most powerful strategies of success. Baked by some of the most advanced tech tool and a team od dexterous and skillfull professionals, with CAYK, your business will skyrocket growth wise.

Owner: Danielle West

Registered: 2013

Address: 4000 Glenmore Ct SE #275, Calgary, AB T2C 5R8

Call: (587) 319-0732


cayk marketing

  1. LoKnow

A credible tech and advertising firm where they create cookie-cutter campaigns – exclusive to the business goals. Give your business the success of one-of-a-kind marketing strategies that manage the whole ecosystem of your business’ reach.

CEO & Founder: Vikram Seth

Registered: 2016

Address: 550, 1201 – 5 Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0Y6

Call: 1-888-470-6559


  1. Viral In Nature

The award-winning agency aims at harnessing the power of social media for the client success. Success in social media is a blend of science and art – a great assembly of left and right brains. The professionals of this company are some of the best minds of the industry, each specialising in their own forte.

CEO: Shawn Michael Alain

Registered: 2016

Address: Western Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia

Call: 1.844.403.2899, 403.454.2899

viral in nature

  1. URBA Media

URBA Media keeps its strategies transforming for the dynamic modern consumers. These strategies are steered by reality and powered by dream. The digital marketing agency in Calgary, Alberta is focused to woo the modern-day consumer with user-based messaging aligned with the customer beliefs and trends.

Partner: Mateo Zoto

Registered: 2018

Address: 126 – 1020 9 ave se, calgary, AB

URBA Media

  1. Wulver Digital Advertising

The team might be small, but they are a bunch of skilled PPC advertising experts who do digital ads better than many. Seek them for their incredible strategies in pay per click planning, setup, execution, optimisation and reporting.

Owner: Robin Eldred

Registered: 2018


Call: (403) 862-0480


Wulver Digital Advertising

  1. Bulldog Marketing Agency

A competent digital marketing agency that helps in devising relationships with organisations by assisting them in achieving digital growth goals with better visibility online and custom digital marketing strategies. They depend on the best practices of digital marketing to ensure every client gets desired growth results.

Owner: John Cullen

Registered: 2021

Address: 3375 15 Street SW Calgary Alberta T2T 4A2

Call: (587) 844-6503


Bulldog Marketing

  1. Melissa Merriam Marketing

A trusted consultant in digital marketing who is also an SEO specialist in her own skilful way. She assists various companies in Alberta, Calgary in Local Search rankings as well. She thoroughly enjoys working for her valued clients by tapping on the industry research trends and data, which in turn results in keeping the businesses competitive.

Owner: Melissa Merriam

Registered: 2012

Address: 2420 25th ST SW Calgary, Alberta T3E 1X6

Call: 587-224-7700


Melissa Merriam Marketing

  1. Hook + Ladder Digital

Hook + Ladder believes in a strong marketing strategy which acts like the core of every business for its growth and customer retention. They co-create effective digital marketing strategies that are scalable, profitable and predictable. HLD is one of the digital marketing companies in Calgary

President & Co-Founder: Tonny Lam

Registered: 2018

Address: Suite #112 – 1215 13th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G4Y3



  1. Octopus Creative Inc.

A full-service brand marketing service provider that will function as a client’s very own marketing department. They provide outstanding solutions that are customised keeping the unique requisites of an organisation.

Director & Co-founder: Rob Hole

Registered: 2016

Address: 510 5 St SW, Suite 1422, Calgary, AB, T2P 3S2

Call: 1-866-205-8488

Octopus Creative Inc.

  1. Novatize

Novatize is a technology and eCommerce company that specializes in digital marketing services in Quebec City. Their vision is to unite the world through commerce and thrive on innovation. They are a bunch of business-obsessed analysts who strive to solve customers’ problems. Their primary services are marketing strategy and growth, platform implementation and marketplace strategy.

CEO: François J. Gosselin

Registered: 2014

Address: 101-750 Boul. Charest Est. Québec QC  G1K 3J7, CA

Call: +1 (844) 932-6682



  1. Falia

Falia is a digital marketing agency based in Quebec City that believes digital marketing is a way to energize business activity and extend its reach. They are constantly innovating to be as creative as possible to get the desired results and growth for their clients. Their immediate solutions are Website development, platform implementation, SEO and digital advertisement.

CEO: Gabriel Gervais

Registered: 2013


1275 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal Suite 500 Montreal, Quebec H3B 0G4, CA

Call: (514) 800-0739



  1. Courimo

Courimo is a Montreal based, award-winning digital media services provider in Quebec city. They provide online marketing services to help small, medium, and large businesses reach their targeted audience. They offer website development, social media management, SEO, Google ads, Linkedin Strategy and video production. They are also certified Google partners, which gives them an edge over the competition. Courimo is ranked 1st in PPC Agency in Montreal by Clutch.

CEO: Elie Wahnoun

Registered: 2017

Address:107-2020 Route TransCanadienne, Dorval, Quebec H9P 2N4




  1. Upearance

Upearance an online marketing agency in Montreal, Quebec. Their key services are Web Design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook ads, email marketing, live chat automation, affiliate marketing, etc. They also conduct trade shows and webinars. Clutch Agency review was rated as one of the rapidly growing digital marketing agencies in Montreal, Canada, in 2020.

CEO: Karim Tawfik

Registered: 2017

Address: 2065 Rue Parthenais Montreal, Quebec, CA & 4974 Place de la Savane

Montreal, Quebec, CA




  1. TTBA Group

TTBA is an online marketing consultant. They design marketing strategies for businesses. Their key services are PPC and online advertising, web design, SEO, Content Production, and branding.

They employ the best techniques and tools available in the market to boost online authority and deliver tangible results. They work for e-commerce, from food packaging to nightclubs.

CEO:Konstantin Kostychuk

Registered: 2014

Address: 5538 Rue St-Patrick Montreal, QC H4E 1A8

Call: +1 (855) 273-6273


TTBA Group Inc- Digital Marketing companies


  1. Affichez

Affichez is a Quebec based marketing services company. Its mission is to meet the requirements of businesses by offering complete marketing solutions. Their key area of service is Advertising, web development and promo shop. They provide advertising spaces for different sizes to fit the budget. They are certified google partners.

Registered: 2011

Address: 1095 rue Vincent-Massey, suite 11 Quebec (Quebec) G1N 1N2




  1. Bleuoutremer

Bleuoutremer is a 360 marketing solution for optimizing influence and achieving objectives. Their key services are graphic design, branding strategies, web development and advertising. They have twenty-five years of experience.

President: Yves Perreault

Registered: 1994

Address:228 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Bureau 200, Québec, Québec G1K 3A9, CA

Call: (418) 522-6858


  1. Graph Synergie

Graph Synergie is a marketing consultant with over twenty-five years of experience and 3000 finished projects. They have knowledgeable multidisciplinary teams that offer all-around marketing to accelerate growth. They provide 3D images, logos, videos, etc., for websites. Their specialities are interactive media, 3D visualization, web design and development. Their key service areas are marketing strategies, imaging, web development, Branding and video production.

CEO: Francis Lessard

Registered: 1996

Address:  575, Saint-Joseph Est #200

Québec, QC, Canada G1K 3B7

Call: 1 866 659-5611


Graph Synergie

  1. Omnivision Design

Omnivision Design is a Montreal based web marketing company offering web marketing services to small, medium, and large businesses. Their key services are logo design, video production, web design, WordPress design, blogging, Search engine marketing, SEO content marketing, etc. Their objective is to offer clients a significant return on investment through effective SEO.

President: Andreas Deligeorge

Registered: 2005

Address:106-7470 Sherbrooke W. Montreal, Quebec Canada H4B 1S5

Call: (514)-655-6276


Omnivision Design

  1. Authentic Agency

Authentic is a marketing agency that helps local businesses increase revenue by leveraging social media platforms and brand image. They run targeted marketing campaigns to identify the audience, maximize engagement and ultimately increase revenue—their primary services are marketing consultation, specialized Facebook ads and Facebook chatbot setup.

CEO: Maksym Sushko


Address: 2727 Rue Saint-Patrick #109 Montréal, QC, Canada

Call: (438) 230-1155


Authentic Agency

  1. Expandify

Expandify is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Quebec City. As a marketing agency, the mission is to drive actual business results for E-commerce brands. Their service primarily includes paid advertisement- ads. They have a proven track record of delivering profitable and predictable results for E-commerce. They have a knack for generating ROI, approximately $25,000 per month.

CEO: Nicolas Buffone


Address:2300 Boulevard Alfred Nobel, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4S 2A4

Call:+1 514-973-2083



  1. Cossette

Cossette is one of the top marketing agencies in Canada, based In Quebec City. They have been a key player in the Canadian marketplace for about fifty years and are obsessed with the combination of creativity and relevance. They act as a strategic partner, gathering experts across all disciplines and offering a unique brand experience. Their key service areas are App & Digital platform development, Mobile marketing, relationship marketing and social CRM, branding & design, market research and strategic planning.

CEO:Mélanie Dunn

Registered: 1972

Address:300 Saint-Paul Street, 3rd Floor

Québec, QC G1K 7R1

Call:+1 514-845-2727



  1. Empower

Empower is the first AI-based digital marketing assistant for marketing. Empower was founded by Daniel Forman. Empower has become one of Canada’s largest social media agencies within ten years of its inception. They provide services like social media management, SEO, Inbound leads generation, social media advertising, content creation, Graphic design, website maintenance, Facebook and Instagram marketing.

CEO: Daniel Forman

Registered: 2011

Address: 3 Place Ville-Marie Suite 400,

Montreal, Quebec H3B 2E3

Call: 1-888-885-9970



  1. WebMarketers™ Digital Marketing – Ottawa

Web marketers is a results-driven marketing and web design agency with a team of expert designers, developers, account managers and SEO executives. Their key service areas are business strategy, web design and development, content writing, online marketing, email marketing, social media management, SEO, PPC and Inbound Marketing.

CEO: Kyle Smendziuk

Registered: 2013

Address: 180 Preston St Suite 200, Ottawa, Ontario K1R, CA

Call: +1 844-932-6688



  1. Mediaforce

Mediaforce is one of Canada’s top digital marketing company in Ottawa. They are rated one of the top PPC firms in Canada in 2022. They provide strategic, data-driven marketing solutions, including Google ads, management, SEO, social media marketing, award-winning website design, and secured website hosting. Their offices are located in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and New York.

CEO: Joe Bongiorno

Registered: 1996

Address: 150 Elgin Street

Floor 10, Ottawa,

ON, K2P 1L4

Call: 613-729-0500

Mail: OR


  1. Seoplus+

SeoPlus+ is a digital marketing company in Ottawa serving businesses worldwide across many verticals to generate leads and increase sales. Their key area of expertise are SEO, paid Ads Management, content marketing, web design and development, digital PR and social media marketing. They are also Premier Google partner, Microsoft partner, and Shopify partners. They were also awarded the Canadian Search Awards in 2021.

COO: Brock Murray

Registered: 2012

Address: 333 Preston Street, Suite 1010

Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1S 5N4

Call: 1-866-980-PLUS (7587)



  1. Marketing Breakthroughs

Marketing Breakthrough is Ottawa’s leading digital marketing and branding company that offers a full range of marketing services. They provide more than 70 creative and marketing services. These services are customized to suit the requirement of a particular business. They offer digital marketing strategies, SEO, social media marketing, PPC campaigns, TV campaign and graphic designing services.

President/Creative Director/CEO: André Mersereau

Registered: 1995

Address: 2255 Carling Avenue, Suite 202, Ottawa, On K2B 7Z5, CA

Call: (613) 721-3335


Marketing Breakthrough

  1. WSI eStrategies

WSI eStrategies is an award-winning digital marketing service provider in Ottawa specializing in web design, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Their key services are SEO and PPC. They are also affiliate with Hubspot, Bing, Adobe, etc. Social media marketing, web design, online lead generations, web development, and marketing automation. They have been awarded 115 Web Marketing Awards since 2007.

Managing Partner/CEO: Mark Jamieson

Registered: 2013

Address: 860 Taylor Creek Drive 4,

Orleans, ON

K4A 0Z9

Call: 613.424.7042


WSI eStrategies

  1. WebSuitable

WebSuitable is a digital marketing service provider that offers a full range of digital marketing services. Their services are Web design and development, SEO, social media management, advertising, PPC, Website maintenance, support, and content writing and marketing. They are also adjudged Ottawa’s best SEO agency in 2022.

CEO:  Nik Paprocki

Registered: 2014

Address: 532 Montreal Rd, 525, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4R4, CA

Call: 613.702.8181



  1. Azuro Digital

Azuro is an award-winning web design and development agency. They are accredited with over 100 five-star reviews online. Their key services are WordPress development, SEO, logo design and Branding. They are rated as one of the top Web Designers in Canada, in 2021, by Clutch. They are also rated 4.99/5 across 100+ reviews on trusted platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, Google and Upcity.

Founder/CEO: Daniel Houle

Registered: 2018

Address: 150 Elgin St #1026, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4

Call: +1 613-697-9740



  1. Algorank

Algorank is a full-stack digital marketing company in Ottawa that offers a full range of web design and development services to businesses. They offer SEO, SEM, Social media campaigns, YouTube campaigns, web design & development, android & IOS app development. Algorank focused design solutions to enhance and boost the user experience are their forte.

Project Lead/CEO: Shawn Liu

Registered: 2017

Address: 115 Bank Street, Suite 23

Ottawa, ON K1P 5N5

Call: 613-416-9512



  1. Ottawa Marketing Guys Inc

Ottawa Marketing Guys is an Ottawa based digital marketing consulting firm. They create effective marketing campaigns designed to suit a particular business requirement. They provide services such as google ads, facebook ads, instagram marketing, web design, geo-fencing and proximity marketing, videography and YouTube ads, & B2B marketing. Their path breaking new technology called “Geo-Fencing”, that tags a phone location, which ultimately helps in targeting ads based on a specific location.

Director of Sales/CEO: Tanya Boodhoo

Registered: 2016

Address: 69 Preston St

Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7N6

Call: 613-709-5287


Ottawa Marketing

  1. The Little Marketing

Little Marketing is a Canadian marketing consultancy serving small businesses with practical, customized and informed marketing strategies and plans. They offer marketing advice and management. They have experience working for small businesses and understand the workings of small businesses. They are an expert in figuring out the target audience and communicating with them through the right medium, and that too at a reasonable price.

Director: Alistair Bradley

Registered: 2007

Address:300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5W2, CA

Call: +1 (604) 332-2725

Mail: ask at

Little Marketing

  1. Massive Media-

Massive Media is a Vancouver based branding, designing creative advertising agency helping brands to make a lasting impression on their audience. They formulate strategies that define the brand perception and enhance the user experience. Their prime services are brand identity and positioning, web design and development, digital products and services.

CEO: Lindsay Smith

Registered: 2014

Address: 81 West Cordova Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1C8

Call:+1 604 227-4343


Massive Media

  1. Stigan Media

Stigan Media is a Vancouver based web designing and marketing agency. They are specialized in design, developing websites and online marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. Their goal is to offer transparent, tailor-made services to businesses to address particular business needs.  They are also certified Google partners.

Managing Director: Sandro F

Registered: 2009

Address: 55 Water St. 308 Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1

Call: +1 778-379-0888


Stigan Media

  1. Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital marketing agency that empowers brands and businesses to survive and excel in a competitive market. Their key services are web development, strategy, graphic design, SEO, eCommerce strategy, social media planning, content marketing, web design and advertising. They are also premier google partners. They have a great mix of talent, strategic thinking and tactical implementation.

CEO: Lyn Bryan

Registered: 2000

Address:548 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2L3

Call:+1 604-642-6765 OR

Major Tom

  1. My Loud Speaker Marketing

My loud Speaker Marketing is a Vancouver based marketing service provider working on the communication and branding of businesses. They offer services like Advertising, Marketing, integrated marketing campaigns, digital and social media campaign, web design, web programming, TV, online commercials, public relation, content development and experiential marketing. They have a skilled, dynamic and creative team of experts to boost business growth.

CEO:Tammy Tsang

Registered: 2007

Address:3485 Victoria Dr Vancouver BC V5N 4M5

Call:+1 (604) 265 – 5589


My loud Speaker

  1. War Room Inc

War Room Inc is a Vancouver based award-winning digital advertising organization specialized in 100% programmatic advertising. They offer programmatic advertising, display advertising, native advertising, social advertising and search advertising. Their advertisement operations team is equipped to deliver highly specialized ad campaigns.

CEO: Mike Tyler

Registered: 2009

Address:1850 Lorne St, Vancouver, BC V5T 1C9

Call:+1 604-927-7666

War Room Inc

  1. Nirvana Canada

Nirvana Canada is a web designing company that offers unique and affordable web design, development and eCommerce website design solutions in Vancouver. They offer a host of services like CRM, ERP, software integration, app development, web development, web design, internet marketing, search engine optimization and business solution services. They combine web strategy, design, development, support, and marketing to empower organizations to achieve their goals.

CEO: Sandeep Mittal

Registered: 2007

Address: 1500 – 701 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V7Y 1C6

Call: +1 778-896-4476


Nirvana Canada

  1. Marwick Marketing

Marwick Marketing is a data-driven digital marketing companies in Canada. They are in the top 3% of premier google partner agencies and listed as one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies worldwide. They offer services like Google Adwords, social media marketing, SEO, website design, online brand management, content writing, graphic design, promotional videos, animated videos, crowdfunding and internet marketing.

CEO:Christian Thomson

Registered: 2012

Address:1737 W 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J, CA

Call: 604-337-2980


Marwick Marketing

  1. Kipling Media

Kipling Media is a creative digital marketing agency that helps high performing companies further their growth. Their key services are marketing, web design, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, google adwords, google analytics, small business marketing and PPC. They have a great mix of thoughtful collaborators and industry experts with creative toolkits that can propel any business to new heights.

Director:Amardeep Singh

Registered: 2015

Address:1 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L4

Call:(778) 381-8500

Kipling Media

  1. Think Inc.

Think Inc. is a full-service digital marketing agency in Vancouver, BC that generates leads, better search results and creates brand perception and a dynamic website. They offer PPC services, SEO, social media marketing, web designing, eCommerce web design, email marketing, google ads management and programmatic advertising. They are specialized in education, manufacturing and distribution, retail and services, hotels and travel verticals.

President/CEO: Shawn Moore

Registered: 1997

Address:1388 Homer St, Unit 602, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6A7, CA

Call: (604) 638-1188 / 877 597 7888


Think Inc.

  1. Optimized Web Media Marketing

Optimized Web Media Marketing is data-driven digital marketing and web design agency based in Vancouver, Canada. They specialize in driving sales through digital marketing, including SEO, AdWords, content marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, web design, eCommerce and sales and lead generation. They offer 360 marketing solutions. OWMM are certified partner of google ads, google analytics, bing ads.

Founder/CEO: Donald Kim

Registered: 2013

Address:705-1221 Homer St, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1C5

Call:+1 866-524-8562


Optimized Webmedia Marketing

  1. 1UP Digital Marketing

1UP is a Vancouver Canada based digital marketing company that focuses on data and understanding user behavior. They develop tailored digital marketing plans to meet a business’s specific objectives. Their key services include SEO, PPC, tracking and analytics, digital marketing, social media marketing, web optimization and email marketing. They were rated as one of the top advertising and digital marketing companies by Clutch in 2021.

CEO/ Co-founder:Julien Simon

Registered: 2013

Address:318 Homer Street 703, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8, CA

Call: +1 844-218-7736


1UP Digital Marketing

  1. Thrive Digital

Thrive is a Vancouver based performance marketing agency. They plan, implement and optimize online advertising campaigns that connect with the target audience on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. They specialize in lead generation, user acquisition, eCommerce sales, and brand building. They offer services such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Advanced Analytics, YouTube Advertising, Google Analytics, Landing page, Data Science, etc.

Founder/CEO: Jonathan Becker

Registered: 2011

Address: 700-675 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1N3, CA

Call: (604)–568–9881


Thrive Digital


Zencast Media LLC is all about incorporating the brilliant strategies of digital growth in accordance with the unique requisites of business. Piggybacking upon a robust market research, backed by cutting-edge tech and unparalleled concepts, we provide incredible web solutions, services and products that etch a seamless road of success for the clients. Zencast believes in delivering excellence that cannot be replicated by any other concern and hence, we take pride in working with the best talents of the industry who are experienced and sheer brilliant in their profiles. We have successfully completed 500+ projects with current disposition of 50+ clients. Our commitment has garnered us global credibility. But our ultimate goal is to provide you 100% satisfaction.