Zencast Media LLC Ltd. will always do the best to meet your expectations, but it is very important to have points cleared so that we, the both know what’s exactly what, which side should do what and when, and what happens if something goes wrong! Zencast has no desires to trick the clients into purchasing and paying for something that they might later not want! What we desire is the thing that’s exactly best for both parties, now and in the future.

100% Refund Policy

At Zencast Media, all we care about is our client satisfaction. For that, we spare nothing! You can expect a 100% refund of your investment with us, if you are not happy and satisfied with our work. Our team at Zencast cares about commitment to our clients!

Commitment to Quality

It is our policy at Zencast Media LLC Ltd., to develop and deliver you services which consistently conform to your business’ customer requirements. For this, we pursue the goal of 100% error-free performance through management of our services and quality development!

What each party agrees to

You the Client: You will need to communicate with us what you expect us to do. We in turn will give you an agreement that mentions the services and agreed upon compensation. Once the milestones of our services and products are met, we require the payment! We will also need you to review the work done by us, provide feedback and your most awaited approval. We work on to deadlines, and this goes without saying that the process works both ways. You also agree to be bound by dates we set together. Finally, you should agree to abide by the payment schedule. If any of Zencast’s deliverables do not meet your satisfaction, you may request a refund for any undelivered work or services on our part!


At Zencast Media, we know that your business requirement is your foremost priority. For this, you leave no stone unturned. We understand this and we try to deliver you 100% satisfaction from our services. However, if your business requires you to move to cancellation of your work with us, then we at Zencast guarantee you a full refund, i.e. one hundred per cent refund. Yes! We do understand everything you put into your business.


We give your firm that much priority that if we are still working with you, and your firm’s customers do not feel satisfied about our products and services, then we, at Zencast Media LLC Ltd., guarantee you a partial refund. We understand how much goes into your organization as investment, and we also have the same scenario on that front! Hence we deliver our clients a partial refund if cancellation occurs after we start working with you.

Key Values

Committed to Customer Satisfaction
A knowledge-driven company
Building solutions that create rewarding results
Client centric strategies