Google My Business: creating a business profile

A virtuous business profile bids for worldwide reputation and fame. So, make one today to be the star of tomorrow. However, not every Business Profile matches the standard. It appears to be right and insightful when people search your brand on Google map or Google search. Zencast Media makes it easier for you to create and revise your Business Profile so that you can stand ahead in the competitive world and bring in customers. Google My Business listing setup method is one of the smartest ways to effectively set up your business to be found online.

Essentials at a glance for Google Marketing :

  • Provide necessary business details (contact, direction, opening and closing hours)
  • Add up call-to-action buttons (Learn more, explore, signup, login, book seat, etc.)
  • Google My Business posts allow business and event promotions, online
  • Share useful and impactful information to invite customers and retain them
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4-key features of Google Local Listing

Establishing a startup business is now easier since the launch of Google My Business. Using Google Local Listing facility, get your business registered in moments. It’s seamless and easy to navigate. With faster verification, all-time tracking, and countless other features, it has become a talk of the town in no time. Here’s a few of the many features for your perusal.

  • Posting: Google My Business supports standard, event, and offer posts. It allows immediate publishing, scheduling and creating recurring posts to multiple locations at the same time.
  • Tracking: Registering your business through Google Local Listing provides you with an all-time tracking facility. Get notified of malicious edits, new reviews, lost comments, and more.
  • Listing Verification: Business listing is now easier with Google Local Listing. Get rid of the postcard verification hassles and adopt instant verifications of several listings at once, without delay.
  • Location Management: Google My Business offers one dashboard for a to z administration, from managing locations to directly uploading videos and images. Also, get notified of location suspensions.


Having suitable manpower on board, Zencast Media offers proactive Google Local Listing for your business. We believe it’s the first and foremost step to be completed before getting into other key enterprise responsibilities. Being a business owner, you have to bear quite a few responsibilities. So evidently, it’s not possible for you to handle every task with attention to details. Outsourcing some of the responsibilities is the best way to achieve success, quickly. Get in touch today to have a successful future tomorrow!

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