Our approach to infographic designing

Creation of infographics isn’t the work of an individual. It’s a group effort that reflects through great creative insights. Our team effort is unparalleled with each of the experts working relentlessly to make your data come alive. Zencast Media’s approach to designing has received global accreditation in multiple levels. Here’s how we work –

Step 1:

We understand your point of view and combine our power of designing to create infographics that will resonate with the online traffic. Our graphic designs take the responsibility of conveying the brand’s message and propelling the existing promotional campaigns. Ideas that we brainstorm mostly focus on market trends, industry data, practical solutions, future predictions, and brand identifiers.

Step 2:  

With the objective of presenting your vision to the internet industry, we start with scoping out the infographic size followed by documenting the key points of illustration. Consequently, our team effort works in accordance with your requirements to produce strong wireframes that will add new customers in your existing base.

Step 3:

Each of the mockups, powered by Zencast Media, goes for approval. Once we receive your consent on the same, our designers use your business guidelines to mark the jump-off point. Further, we conduct a research of the industry leaders and competitors to define the line of differentiation for your infographic.

Step 4:

Attention to detailing is our forte. Assembling flawed data and developing impromptu designs is strictly against our policy. With every detail and your agreement in our table, we build breakthrough trendy infographic designs within a week and launch in your social media handles. Our designers are confident with their work and assure great traffic conversion.

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Do infographics offer ROI?

Research says that, in today’s date, infographic is one of the most promising format of content presentation. With the span of human attention now shrinking to less than 8 seconds, graphical representations are becoming the would-be resource choice for digital marketers considering the psychological necessity. You may leverage the infographics in corporate blogs, social media platforms, PPTs, and newsletter to maximize the SEO value. To measure the ROI from infographics, we analyze the following:

  • Social interaction
  • Engagement
  • Page Views
  • Direct Leads

Infographics enable your brand to gain an identity that sets it apart from the competitors. According to industry insiders, infographics better project a company’s image as authoritative, creative, and popular in terms of industry standards. If you are looking for infographic assistance, ZencastMedia is here to give your vision a life!

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