Interactive iOS App Development For Vanguard iPhones & iPads 

Going by the existing industry trends, it’s quite clear that mobile applications are in high demand. The exigency has phenomenally increased in the last few years, across all business verticals. Fast-paced lifestyle demands for highly-responsive applications. Therefore, enterprises are mostly focused towards launching futuristic applications for iPhones and iPads.

Lack of manpower or expertise inside the organizations, often, restricts from developing great applications. That’s where outsourcing plays the key role. Share your vision and let experts bring it into action. At Zencast Media LLC, we create avant-garde iOS applications, backed by a team of trained and veteran app developers.


XCode: It is a consistent IDE, integrated with Cocoa Touch frameworks, that creates a productive environment for building iOS apps.

AppCode: It’s a reliable & smooth IDE that supports languages like Swift, Objective-C, C++ and JS for basic and advanced code completion.

Code Runner: It is a light-weight and fast IDE useful for debugging codes with breakpoint and automating date analysis of large codes & simulations.


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Surfacing Features of iOS Applications

Developed by Apple, iOS runs smoothly on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch hardware. The necessary development resources are provided by the mother company, Apple. Using those wherewithals, iOS app development corporations create innovative iOS accessories that aid the devices to function in the preferred ways.

Features are constantly evolving as developers have no intention of resting. Here’re some of the many components that has largely contributed in iOS apps’ worldwide popularity.

  • SiriKit: iOS users are by and large familiar with Siri’s voice control. In multiple verticals, this VC has immense contribution and has won explicit praises from the global users. With the updates and upgrades, Siri is now smarter than ever. Therefore, transactional errands can be experienced in full swings using Siri’s voice control. Being interactive on the whole, it helps the users in checking balance, withdrawals, transfers, paying bills and more. Its utility extends in retrials apps as it helps to identify grocery list while shopping.
  • ARKit: The fascination and illustriousness of Augmented Reality seem to have taken a leap of faith, alighting stoutly in today’s date. Born with a vision of spreading innovation, Apple took native Augmented Reality to the next-level of novelty and named it as ARKit. Our developers implement this toolkit to provide the essence of indigenous AR. Its usefulness lies in machine-level interaction as it supports the iOS apps in virtual objectification and display. ARKit won the reputation of largest AR platform with the release of iOS 11.
  • Apple Pay: Instant payment opportunity is known to receive the most user attention. The conventional idea of bank transfer took a back seat as instantaneous payment portals surfaced. Apple launched Apple Pay for iPhone and iPad users enabling easy and faster transactions. Release of iOS 11 marks the introduction of this interesting feature. Users can explicitly transfer money through this app using credit or debit cards. It’s possible to access Apple Pay using system-built messaging application. The best part is that the Siri Voice Control is compatible with Apple Pay.


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