Achieve Retention With Hybrid Mobile Applications

Responsiveness and design are two bigger aspects in mobile application development. Modern-gen users, being extremely active in digital space, are fully-familiar with latest trends. So, it’s important to keep up with the industry-pace in terms of design, quality, and scalability. At various business verticals, hybrid applications are considered the key to customer retention as it endorses great UI/UX designs.


  • PhoneGap: Distributed by Apache Cordova, this framework allows compiling & deploying hybrid apps in multiple platforms, harnessing the power of Cordova’s plug-ins.


  • Ionic Framework: Powered by Angular JS components, this open-source free HTML5 hybrid mobile framework helps in building really scalable and complex applications.


  • Sencha Touch 2: With multiple built-in tools, this HTML5-based MVC-style front end technology is known for responsive UI and helps to create organized and clean codes.

Developing a cross-platform application is no easy task as it requires a lot of expertise and project experience. With the ideal count of proficiency, we succeed in delivering high-performing feature-packed cross-platform applications that are able to operate in accordance with any IT and business needs. If to be precise, our products explain the definition of speed, accessibility, navigation, and features.


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What Makes Hybrid Apps A Go-To Choice?

Android and iOS applications, both, are platform-based products which limits the reach to specific customers. People using Android phones do not have access to the applications available in Apple Store, whereas, iPhone or iPad users can never download the apps existing in Google Play Store. Therefore, businesses invest twice of the sum for building applications separately. This is a serious problem for the startups and those enterprises undergoing fund issues.

With the inception of hybrid mobile applications, this problem is long gone. These applications create experiences for multiple platforms. Developed with a single codebase and powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s easier to reach bigger audience irrespective of their devices. Cross-platform applications have more advantages to look through.

  • Amazing UI/UX designs
  • Consumes lesser build time
  • Runs on both OS (Android and iOS)
  • Bypasses versioning
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Cost-effective development
  • Constant offline support
  • High-speed & improved performance


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