Topmost Ideas for Updating your Business Site during this Global Crisis

  • by Admin
  • 4th, Jun 2020

COVID-19 has all the attention of the world right now. And rightly so! This is a dreaded virus we are fighting against! Now, this may sound generic, but actually business is something that has to survive, in order to let the world and the economy survive. Thus, businesses, companies, tech firms- They all continue to go on, and we feel it is also important to view the crisis situation from the angle of the World Wide Web to aid clients and others, sail through these times.

To let your company go on, you should also continue to update! And with that, comes updating your business site. Website design companies in Canada and other places in the tech world are continuing to modify according to the new world brought in by Covid-19.

Let us talk about a few ways of updating your website during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Update the Website Header, and not just the Homepage

Website design services in the USA are of the opinion that your homepage is definitely the highest-trafficked landing page on your site. Yes, that is known. However, it is most likely, not the page where the maximum of your audience lands, when they first reach your site. Google generally ranks pages and not sites.  And when a person is searching for your firm, they’re more likely to be directed to an interior page of your website instead of your homepage. Try this. Log into your Google Analytics account. Then follow this: Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages. You will be able to see exactly what percent of the traffic on your website starts with your homepage.

Update the Homepage Masthead

Try to keep the language rather short, in order to lessen many text wrappings at the narrower browser size.

Make use of action-oriented language. How are they? They can be like “Explore the latest news” or “Follow the latest information”. Use them for the button to the COVID-19 page.

Always use a high-quality image.

And lastly, make note of when the content was last modified and updated on the click-through page.

A primary landing page for all the COVID-19 content

Select a single page to post all the latest updates and information about COVID-19 on the website and preferably, try not to change the URL.

This page should change frequently. Why? Because, as and when new information is out, policies are also accordingly enacted that way, and your company also has to keep up. Each and every update might as well be posted on your blog or news feed, but, a link to that new content should also be posted on the primary page of COVID-19.

Place ‘COVID-19’ or ‘Coronavirus’ in the URL slug for easy tracking in the near future

Now, your organization is likely to create more content related to the virus and the pandemic situation. Thus, keeping a consistency in the URL terms of all the COVID-19 content will make sure that the impact of all these contents going forward can be easily tracked. In this way, Google can very easily group the contents together under the primary landing page.

Update your Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp Accounts

So your company had to undergo a modification of its hours due to stay at home, right? Then, make sure to update those hours on the website and also on all the other platforms where your visitors might land up, in order to find your hours. Check these places:

Google My Business




Update your site with non-COVID-19 information

While COVID-19 is capturing the attention of everyone in the world right now, Google’s crawlers will keep continuing crawling the web and ranking sites. You may feel that it is really difficult to write other content i.e., content unrelated to Covid-19, for your website right now, but it’s also an opportunity to better prepare your organization for when the worst of this is behind us.