Top 13 Digital Marketing Companies in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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  • 6th, May 2022

Why is Digital Marketing so Important?

Digital marketing is the name given to the marketing done on digital space or online. It is also known as online marketing.

Businesses are constantly looking out for newer digital marketing channels like search engines, social media, email, and other websites to promote and connect with the existing clients and target audience. This also includes communication through emails and other multimedia messages.

As the internet has taken the world by storm, the participation of people on these online platforms has increased manyfold. There are around 36 million internet users in Canada. Canada has a high internet penetration, at 96%, due to which the number of social media users has increased to 33 million. The annual growth in social media users is 3.4% which is equivalent to 1.1 million. It is important to note that users in Canada are switching from desktops to mobile or tablets, further increasing social media usage. The number of Mobile Internet users has reached 31.90 million, that is 86.5% of the total population in Canada.

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So, businesses are essentially taking up digital marketing as a means to reach, communicate and connect with the target audience. Social media, search engines and the marketplace help marketers target user groups with relevance to brands, products and services.

Some pointers on how Digital Marketing helps businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Marketers have turned to digital marketing as an effective tool to promote and market their brands and products. Digital Marketing helps small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of ways. Some of the most commonplace benefits are as follows-  

  • Online presence– Customers’ awareness of a particular business is essential as it will prompt them to check out the products and services online along with the details and specifications. Without an online presence potential customers are not likely to check out the business.
  • Reaching the target audience– Customers are all online. Around 85% of adults in Canada are online and are active on social media platforms. More than 80% of the Canadian population has a Facebook account. Thus a large chunk of the population is online. And it is the best space to reach the target audience.
  • Helps users to find businesses online– Since more audiences are online, it is very plausible that they are aware of the business and are actively looking out for details like product specification, discount rates, services, etc.
  • Trustworthiness of the business – A business without an online presence will be deemed as lacking trustworthiness. Earlier this was not the case. But with the advent of this digital era customers’ impression is either made or broken by the business’s online presence or absence.


The List-

  1. Zencast Media

A company is known for its brilliant online branding strategies aligned with the unique needs of clients from different industry verticals. Alongside a strong and credible competitor and market research, the company specializes in brainstorming and developing ideas that will assist clients in achieving their goals at the desired scale. Besides Digital Marketing, Zencast offers Mobile application development, website design and development and graphic designing. Zencast’s finesse and dedication to delivering excellence have made it a trusted name in the Canadian Digital Marketing sector.

CEO: Rajkumar Prasad

Registered: 2013

Address: 1526 LOMA AVE LONG BEACH, CA, 90804, US

Call: +1 855 962 4420



Zencast Media - Digital Marketing Companies


2. Revolve

Revolve is a full-service branding and digital marketing company Halifax, Nova Scotia serving clients across Canada and the USA. They are one of Canada’s premier branding and marketing agencies. They provide branding consultation, advertising, design, strategy, media buying, web development, corporate social responsibility and public relations.

CEO: Phil Otto 

Registered: 1986

Address: Suite 225, 200 Waterfront Drive, Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 4J4, CA

Call: +1 902-835-3559


Revolve - Digital Marketing Company

3. Social Spike Marketing Group

Social Spike is  a digital marketing company in Halifax, Nova Scotia that helps businesses rank on Google and improve their online visibility. Their services include Social Media Marketing, web design, online marketing, SEO, content writing and SEO consultation.

CEO/President: John Cody 

Registered: 2015

Address: 609-569 Washmill Lake Dr. Halifax, NS B3S0E3

Call: +1 (902) 710 8063


Social-Spike - Digital Marketing Companies


4. Grandway Marketing

Grandway Marketing is a digital marketing company in Halifax, Nova Scotia that specializes in web design, SEO, E-commerce, graphic design and branding. Their key services are web design, web development, WordPress, SEO, email marketing, branding, graphic design, logo design, web maintenance, eCommerce and digital marketing.

Founder & CEO: Nic Stana

Registered: 2017

Address: 2021 Brunswick St, Suite 219M, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2Y5, CA

Call: 902-982-1442


Grandway Marketing


5. Red Ear Media

Red Ear Media is a Halifax based web design and digital marketing company, that provides custom website design and GoogleAds, Facebook Ads account management. They offer services such as Adwords, web design, WordPress, PPC, website development, SEM, SEO, logos, branding and graphic design.

CEO/President: Tracy Milsom

Registered: 2014

Address: 433 Sheppards Run, Beechville, Nova Scotia B3T2G6, CA

Call: 902.410.1971  


Red Ear Media- Digital Marketing Companies


6. VERB Interactive

VERB interactive is a Halifax based conversion-focused digital marketing agency, specializing in solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. They offer services like digital marketing, website and mobile app development, SEO, paid search advertising, social media marketing and analytics campaign.

President & CEO: Andy Maclellan

Registered: 2004

Address: 1656 Barrington Street, 5th Floor Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 0C2 Canada

Call: 902.444.7656


VERB Interactive - Digital Marketing Companies


7. Nova Digital

Nova Digital is a Halifax based digital marketing agency, specializing in SEO and web design. They offer services such as digital strategy, SEO, digital advertising, social media marketing, web design, and conversion optimization. They are pioneers when it comes to serving small businesses.

Owner/CEO: Paul Wildy 

Registered: 2019

Address: 800 – 1701 Hollis St, Halifax, NS, B3J 3M8

Call: +1 902-704-1704




8. Direct Ad Factory

Direct Ad Factory is a digital marketing companies in Halifax,  Nova Scotia, specializing in brand strategy. They offer services such as design, customizability, SEO, online video tutorials, website development, logos and media and social media promotion.

Owner/CEO: Brian Geddes 

Registered: 2018

Address: 2 Victoria Grove, Bridgewater, NS, Canada, Nova Scotia

Call: +1 902-521-0441


Direct Ad Factory - Digital Marketing Companies


9. Creative Curve Media Group Inc.

Creative Curve Media is a graphic and web design, and print services company that works toward empowering small and medium businesses. They offer services such as project management, marketing, communications, advertising and printing, web development, graphic design and print services. They are ranked among the three best web designers in Halifax, Nova Scotia by the Three Best Rated in 2021.

President/CEO: John Copp

Registered: 2010

Address: 6450 Young Street 4, Halifax, NS B3L 2A3

Call: 902-405-9191


Creative Curve Media - Digital marketing Companies

10. Charcoal Marketing

Charcoal Marketing is an offshoot of Headspace design. They are a digital marketing company specializing in design and project development. They offer services such as web design, inbound marketing, content creation, app development, analytics, brand development, inbound marketing and event marketing. 

CMO: Mike Hayes

Registered: 2016

Address: 200 – 6239 Quinpool Road Halifax, NS, B3L 1A4

Call: 902 454 8893



11. AlphaSearch

AlphaSearch is a Halifax based SEO and Digital Marketing agency. THey track the search engines, industry trends, and constantly improving method to meet the requirement. Their key areas of service are SEO services, Google Ads and website consulting. They have been working in this field for more than fifteen years.

Owner: Peter Sickles 

Registered: 2004

Address: 3045 Robie Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. B3K 4P6

Call: 902-818-5595


AlphaSearch - Digital marketing Companies


12. Boom12 Communications

Boom12 Communication  is a boutique digital agency specializing in web, social media, digital marketing and strategic communications. They offer services such as web design & development, graphic design, social media & digital marketing, strategic communications, email marketing and integrated communications and marketing.

CEO/Founder: Scott Gillard

Registered: 2013

Address: 6218 Quinpool Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L1A3, CA

Call: 902.402.2962


Boom12 Communication - Digital marketing

13. BeResponsive Media

BeResponsive Media is a digital marketing companies in Halifax, Nova Scotia that specializes in working with medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. They offer services such as marketing, web development, branding,marketing strategy, video, graphic design, SEO, digital brand management and social media management. 

CEO/Co-Founder: David Tonen 

Registered: 2015

Address: 35 Bloom Lane, Suite 213 Bedford, NS, Canada B4B 2E6

Call: +1 902-832-6178


BeResponsive Media - Digital Marketing

Zencast Media with utmost sincerity have listed down the best digital marketing agencies in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our sole purpose is to help you choose the best digital marketing agencies in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for the growth of your business. We hope we can help you on that front with this listing.