Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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  • 4th, May 2022

Digital Marketing Services and its Efficacies

Digital marketing is the latest development in the field of marketing- brands, products or services. Marketing is the process of making the environment suitable for sales/revenue generation. And digital marketing is the marketing done in the digital space using certain social media platforms, the marketplace and Google.

Digital marketing refers to the marketing done on the Internet. Businesses utilize digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with their existing clients and target audience. This also includes communication through emails and other multimedia messages.

With the constant transformation of the web, marketers are looking for newer avenues to promote and market their brands, products and services. Canada has one of the most numbers of Internet users with 36.89 million. Canada also has one of the highest internet penetration rates at 96% due to which the number of social media users has increased to a whopping 33 million. The annual growth in social media users is 3.4% which is equivalent to 1.1 million. It is important to note that users in Canada are switching from desktops to mobile or tablets, further increasing social media usage. The number of Mobile Internet users has reached 31.90 million, that is 86.5%.

internet user population

social media platforms

So it is quite prudent to say after verifying the above stats that digital marketing is the newest means to reach out to target audiences, communicate and increase online visibility. Digital Marketing also includes paid ads, social media ads and Google ads to target social media user groups to boost sales.


Some benefits of digital Marketing are

  • It’s more cost-effective than outbound marketing methods.
  • Digital marketing evens the playing field within your industry and allows to compete with bigger brands.
  • Digital marketing is measurable.
  • It’s easier to adapt and change a digital marketing strategy.
  • Digital marketing can improve your conversion rate and quality leads.

Prospect of Digital Marketing in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Digital marketing is one of the booming sectors in Canada. And it is predicted to grow further in the future as more and more marketers are actively practising digital marketing to grow their businesses. As a result of this, Canada has many digital marketing job opportunities in all major cities.

There are about 5282, 4922, 727, 4000+ digital marketing jobs on Indeed, Workopolis, Monster and LinkedIn respectively.

indeed data


The median salary of a digital marketer in Canada is somewhere between CAD $53,257 and CAD $68,000. Some of the more high paying jobs are digital marketing manager, SEO specialist and SMM.

Cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Mississauga, Calgary and Charlottetown have great digital marketing career opportunities as most of the businesses are located in these urban areas.

The List of Companies providing  Digital marketing solutions in Charlottetown are-

  1. Zencast Media LLC

A company is known for its brilliant online branding strategies aligned with the unique needs of clients from different industry verticals. Alongside a strong and credible competitor and market research, the company specializes in brainstorming and developing ideas that will assist clients in achieving their goals at the desired scale. Besides Digital Marketing, Zencast offers Mobile application development, website design and development and graphic designing. Zencast’s finesse and dedication to delivering excellence have made it a trusted name in the Canadian Digital Marketing sector.

CEO: Rajkumar Prasad

Registered: 2013

Address: 1526 LOMA AVE LONG BEACH, CA, 90804, US

Call: +1 218-475-7076 / 647-496-7061


Zencast Media- Digital Marketing Companies


2. Revolution Media

Revolution Media is a Charlottetown based marketing agency. They serve local and national brands to develop and deliver effective marketing and advertising strategies. They deliver services like web development, graphic design, marketing strategies, branding and logos, social media management, SEO and analytics, content creation and lead generation.

CEO/ Managing Director: Heather MacLean

Registered: 2000

Address:  119 Water Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1A8, CA

Call: 1.902.367.5060


Revolution Media- Digital Marketing Companies


3. Insight Studio

Insight Studio is a full-service marketing agency that facilitates, plans and implements strategic marketing plans and campaigns for businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes. They offer services like branding, Market research and strategies, online marketing SEO, social media strategy and management, graphic design and web development.

CEO/Owner/Partner: Kerry Anne MacDougall

Registered: 2009

Address: 710-119 Kent Street, BDC Place

Charlottetown, PE C1A 1N3

Call: 902 626 3835


Insight Studio - Digital Marketing Companies

4. Big Surge Inc.

Big Surge is a Digital design, production & marketing agency. Their areas of expertise are a website development and digital marketing. They offer services like Website design and Content, SEO, mobile application development, branding, digital marketing, E-commerce, and UX-UI design.

CEO/ Digital Media: Neeti Sharma

Registered: 2018

Address:  Queen St, 102&105, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island CA

Call: +1 902-213-9913


Big Surge - Digital Marketing Companies



ART FRESH is a multi-award-winning full-service marketing agency focusing on marketing strategy, brand design, marketing communication, building a brand and managing it. They have a vast experience of over twenty years. Their key area of services are Brand name, marketing, creative design, explainer video, social media, web design, and content creation.

CEO/ Creative Director: Elena Yanovskaya-Herweyer

Registered: 2011

Address: PO Box 312

Charlottetown CTL

PE, C1A 7K7

Call: +1.902.394.7272


ART FRESH - Digital Marketing companies


6. TechnoMedia

TechnoMedia is a full-service marketing, communications and design agency. They have extensive experience in the field of more than thirty years. They offer services like branding, graphic design, website development, photography, interpretive design, social media and project management.

CEO/Partner: Roberta MacLean

Registered: 1988

Address: 17 Pownal Street

Charlottetown PE, C1A 3V7

Call: 1-902-368-3043


TechnoMedia - Digital Marketing Companies

7. Graphcom – Design, Web, Marketing

Graphcom is a premier branding, web and digital marketing companies in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They offer services like graphic design and marketing. They create websites that lead users to the business by creating creative, memorable designs relevant to the business.

CEO/President/Art Director: Craig MacLeod

Registered: 1984

Address: 124 Sydney Street

Gahan House Office Suites, Suite 200

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

C1A 1G4 Canada

Call: 902-892-0029


Graphcom- Digital marketing Companies


8. AOR Solutions

AOR solutions is a management consulting and digital marketing companies in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They partner with businesses of all sectors to develop and implement solutions for complex challenges. They offer solutions like web design and development, SEO and analytics, digital marketing, marketing and communication and graphic design.

CEO/Chief strategist: Michelle MacDonald

Registered: 2003

Address: 5707 St. Peters Rd, Box 63,

St Peters Bay PE C0A 2A0 PO Box 63

Call: (902) 367-3531


AOR Solutions

9. The Dunne Group

The Dune Group is a Prince Edward Island-based advertising agency providing business consultation support to businesses of all sizes. Their areas of expertise are research, management consulting, government relations and project management. They offer services like government relations, lead generation business strategy and business research.

CEO/President: Steve Dunne

Registered: 1998

Address: 118 Sydney St, Charlottetown, PEI CA

Call: 902.892.1115


Dunne Group


10. VMG Creative Marketing & Events

VMG is a marketing and events management agency. They create epic campaigns and events that build brand and grow business. They have an experience of more than fifteen years. Their key areas of services are marketing, PR and communication, Conference and Event management and project management.

Owner/CEO: Tracey Singleton

Registered: 2008

Address: 293 Allen Street , Charlottetown, PE C1A 2W1, CA



Zencast Media have sincerely tried to list some of the best digital marketing companies in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We have put up this list after extensive market research. Zencast Media hopes this list will help you find the best digital marketing agency for your business to expand.