The Top 176 Web Development Companies in Canada

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  • 27th, Jun 2022

List of  The Top 176 Web Development Companies In Canada

The world today has significantly traversed into the digital arena. Nearly every business and venture in the economy has a website today because the internet has made it possible for them to capture sales in every way possible. To find the right web development company, the process becomes like a needle in the hay stack.

Web development is a process through which businesses irrespective of their size and location can thrive, be relevant in the market and maintain an online presence.

Website development is the creation and maintenance of websites and web applications online on a browser, which includes web design, web programming and database management. Web development is designing the features and functionality of apps.

Quick Facts:

  • Approximately 8,350 people are employed in this occupation.
  • Web designers and developers primarily work in the following sectors:
  • Professional, scientific and technical services: 59%
  • Information, cultural, arts, entertainment and recreation services: 10%
  • Finance, insurance and Real estate and rental and leasing: 6%
  • Retail Trade: 6%

web developer salaries

Thus, it is evident from the above facts that web development and its ancillary industry have gained momentum in the past few years, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. Let us then explore some web development Companies in Canada.

What Are The Tools Used In Web Development

The tools used for web development are programming language- HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading style sheets) and JavaScript. Moreover, there are a number of programs used to manage and construct sites that would otherwise be done by writing code. Many CMS (content management systems) fall in this category such as WordPress, and Joomla! Drupal, TYPO3, and Adobe among others.

Web developers are among the most sought-after skilled workers in Canada by offering priority immigration and work permit programs. Web designers and developers are able to access two-week Canada visa processing as one of the target occupations.

The List Of The Top Web Development Companies In Canada

  1. Zencast Media

Zencast Media LLC is a top contender among the primary technical and digital consultancy firms. Over the years, we have built a strong foothold in the industry, catering across the states of UK, USA, Canada and other parts of the globe. Our mission is to empower the future with hot-cake modernistic designs, contemporary technologies, and revolutionary e-marketing techniques. The company has a strong objective and our experts work in tangent to achieve the goals and success.

Client requirements and satisfaction gets the maximum importance at Zencast Media. Whatever is the project, be it a mobile application development or website designing or branding, we work closely with you to ensure perfection in the outcome. Our testimonial section strongly reflects our values, ethics, and approach towards client handling.

CEO: Rajkumar Prasad

Registered: 2013

Address: 1526 LOMA AVE LONG BEACH, CA, 90804, US

Call:  1+647-496-7061



  1. Eggs Media 

Eggs Media is one of the top web development companies in Canada. They serve across many industry verticals. They offer services such as web/graphic design & development, SEO, Content writing, mobile app development, social media marketing, and web hosting. They are also accredited with a lot of awards over the years, including Top Web Designers 2021 by Clutch.

CEO/Project Manager: Jasmine

Registered: 2013

Address: 123 Edward St #217 Toronto, ON, M5G 1E2 OR 21 Kodiak Crescent #200 Toronto, ON, M3J 3E5

Call: +1 (647) 349-7046 OR +1 (833) 344-3447


Eggs Media- web development company

  1. Azuro Digital

Azuro Digital is an award-winning web designing and developing company in Canada serving clients globally. They Offer services like WordPress development, Search engine optimization and logo design and branding. They were also rated as five star web design and development company by Clutch in March 2022.

Owner/CEO: Daniel Houle

Registered: 2018

Address: 10 Navy Wharf Ct #4307, Toronto, ON M5V 3V2

Call: +1 (613) 697-9740



  1. Globalgraphics Web Design

Globalgraphics Web Design is one of the most established web design companies in Toronto with over twenty years of experience that specializes in custom web design , web development, e-Commerce web design and SEO. They offer services like web design, E-commerce web design, SEO, PPC, content management system, web development, logo design and email marketing.

CEO: Phil Deeley

Registered: 1996

Address: 2 Bloor St E #3500, Toronto, ON M4W 1A8, Canada

Call: 416 256 7800


Globalgraphics Web Design

  1. The Toronto Web Design Company

The Toronto Web Design Company is a Toronto based media agency that specializes in custom code solutions, unique designs, and personalized services. They offer services like websites and SEO. They were rated 4.9 stars by Google.

Address: 112 Elizabeth St Unit #5, Suite 334, Toronto, ON M5G 1P5

Call: +1(647)695-5200


Toronto Web Design

  1. Nextbrain

Nextbrain is a Toronto based web and mobile app development company offering full-service web designing and development solutions. They offer solutions such as web design, web application development, mobile app design, iPhone apps development, android apps development, Node JS app development, UX/TI design, digital marketing and SEO.

CEO: Saran C

Registered: 2016

Address: Suite F, 68 Railside Road, Toronto, Ontario, M3A 1A3

Call: +1 416 897 5143


Nextbrain - Web development company

  1. Elegant Designs 

Elegant Designs is a Toronto based website and web app design and development company that specializes in custom android and iOS applications. They offer services such as iOS apps, Android apps, websites, mobile app and other web solutions.

Project Manager/CEO: Sherwin Niktash

Address: 36 Ash Crescent Toronto, ON, Canada M8W1E3

Call: +1 800-448-4717


Elegant Designs -web development

  1. 247 Labs Inc.

247 Labs Inc. is a Toronto based award-winning mobile apps and web apps development company that specializes in creating magnificent web and mobile apps experience. They offer services such as custom web development, mobile apps development, E-commerce website and apps development, shopify development, Magento development, WordPress development, Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and AngularJS.

CTO: Azwar Khalid

Registered: 2013

Address: 600 – 170 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3B3

Call: +1-877-247-7421


247 Labs Inc.

  1. Pixelcarve

Pixelcarve is an award-winning, full stack web development company that specializes in web design, cinematic video production, content creation and branding and design. They offer services like website design, interactive experience, online marketing, digital advertising, web strategy and production. They have extensive experience of twenty three years.

CEO: Curtis Priest

Registered: 1998

Address: 545 King St W Unit 239, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1, Canada

Call: 416 987 4935


Pixelcarve - web development company

  1. Inorbital

Inorbital is a top ranking award-winning web design agency that specializes in custom web design and web development services. They focus on building dynamic database driven websites. They offer services like design and development of dynamic database driven websites, Kentico.NET CMS, non-profit and charity websites, healthcare websites and intranet design.

Director/CEO: Tony Tullio

Registered: 1999

Address: 533 College Street, Suite 401, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1A8, CA

Call: (416) 408-0837


Inorbital - web development company

  1. Space-O Technologies

Space-O is a custom software development company that specializes in creating mesmerizing digital experience through mobile apps, web, and software solutions. They offer services like software development, Android app development, iOS apps development, web development, IT consulting and AI chatbot development, UX/UI design and smart wearable technology.

CEO/ Assistant Vice president: Nirav Shastri

Registered: 2010

Address: 2 County Court Blvd., Suite 400, Brampton, Ontario L6W 3W8, Canada

Call: +1 (437) 488-7337


Space-O Technologies

  1. Maizonweb

Maizonweb is a Toronto based top web design-development agency that has an extensive experience of over fifteen years. They offer services like responsive website, web design, web development, mobile friendly custom design, 3D virtual reality, UX/UI and content production. They offer web design services at an affordable price range without any delay in delivery.

Director/CEO: Felix Ryu

Registered: 2003

Address: Parking lot, 10 Four Seasons Pl, Etobicoke, ON M9B 0A6

Call: +1 647-887-3133


Maizon- web development company

  1. Boréale Media

Boreale Media is a web development agency based in Quebec City, Quebec that specializes in web and digital creation. They offer services like website development, online store design, and website SEO. Website maintenance and website changes.

President/CEO: Kevin Gilbert

Registered: 2016

Address: 275 Rue du Parvis #305, Quebec, QC G1J 3L7

Call: 581 305-3883


Boreale Media

  1. LaFirme 

LaFirme is a web development service provider in Quebec City that specializes in website design, website correction, website maintenance and SEO optimization. They perform web maintenance on platforms kike shopify, Squarespace, HTML, PHP, Wix, Joomla!, etc. They offer services such as content marketing, web design, web maintenance, SEO, online ads and coaching.

CEO: Jean-Maxime Tremblay

Registered: 2018

Address: 765 Bd des Chutes, Québec, QC G1E 2C2, Canada

Call: (418) 571-1787


Lafirme - web development company

  1. Cortex

Cortex is a Quebec based web creation agency that specializes in the development of value-added technological applications. They offer services like web apps, mobile apps, VR & AR, IOT development, gamification & games, e-Commerce, strategic consultation, UX, graphic design and analytics. They have merged with Nventive and formed a singular entity.

Founder/CEO: Jean-Michel Lebeau

Registered: 2009

Address: 520 boul. Charest East Office 330 Quebec (Quebec) G1K 3J3

Call: 1 418 210-0199



  1. Unik Media

Unik Media is a Quebec based web and video design agency that specializes in flexibility and offering creative solutions that meet your business objectives. They offer services like website design, video, and motion. They also have extensive work experience in this field of over ten years.

CEO: Benoit St-Hilaire

Registered: 2011

Address: 1689 rue du Marais, suite 220, Quebec, QC, G1M 0A2

Call: 1 (418) 261-8207


Unik Media

  1. Vertisoft

Vertisoft is a technology solutions provider for small and medium enterprise. They offer services such as information Technology, websites, mobile sites, interactive terminals, web hosting / VPS /Cloud, networking and virtualization, IT master plan, training and webinars, interactive marketing (e-marketing), and E-commerce, intranet, and extranet.

Owner/CEO: Sylvain Belleau

Registered: 2005

Address: 2360, chemin Sainte-Foy (suite 310, bureau 5) Quebec (Quebec) G1V 4H2

Call: 1 877 368-3241



  1. Instynct

Instynct is a creative digital agency that delivers large-scale projects. They specialize in enhancing brand image, web and design. Their key areas of services are digital strategy, UX, web design, web development, transactional websites, SEO, brand strategy, brand image and artistic direction.

Director/CEO: Max Royer

Registered: 2014

Address:  202-159, 41st street West Quebec (QC) G1H 0C1

Call: +1 418-476-2338



  1. NovAxis Solutions Inc.

NovaAxis Solutions is a Quebec city based web application development company that specializes in offering personalized services to guarantee customer satisfaction. They offer solutions like Webself, Citation, free logo design and Momenteo.

President/CEO: Jonathan Pomerleau

Registered: 1989

Address: 400, boulevard Langelier Québec (Québec) G1K 5N9

Call: 418 694.2033


NovaAxis Solutions

  1. Verteb Solution Web

Verteb Solution web is a Quebec based web design agency that offers a full range of web services and personalized services. They offer services like website design and development, SEO, web hosting, graphic design, and website optimization. They have a working experience in excess of fifteen years.

Founders: Craig Turgeon & Dominic Simard

Registered: 2011

Address: 1073, Blvd. Louis-XIV Quebec, QC, G1H 1A8


Verteb Solution web

  1. NuvoWeb

NuvoWeb is a Quebec City based web development company that specializes in creating responsive and unique websites and aims to connect businesses with clients. They offer a full range of services such as web development, SEO and data analytics, and hosting.

Registered: 2015

Address: 60b Rue St-Antoine, Lévis, Quebec G6V 5Y3, CA

Call: +1 418-254-1026



  1. Netleaf

Netleaf is a web marketing agency in Quebec City specializing in SEO. They offer services such as turnkey service, SEO, Web design, Google Ads, Web writing, branding, content marketing, backlink strategy and voice search. They are also Google partners.

Co-Founder/CEO: Christophe La Fontaine

Registered: 2012

Address: 401-633 St-Joseph East Quebec, Quebec G1K 3C1

Call: (581) 221-1476


Netleaf - seo company

  1. Phénix Agence Web

Phénix Agence Web is a web development and designing agency that specializes in digital strategy and design. They offer services like content writing, navigation architecture, branding, graphic design, web interface, motion design, custom application, hosting and website WordPress.

Registered: 2001

Address: 481 Saint-Joseph East – 3rd floor Quebec City QC G1K 3B6

Call: (+1) 581-701-8272

Mail: contact@phé


24. Nirvana Canada

Nirvana Canada is a Vancouver-based full-service web design and development company that offers unique and affordable web design, development and eCommerce website designs. They offer services like web design, web development, digital marketing & SEO graphic design, mobile solutions, product development and blockchain solutions. They are also Google & Shopify partners

CEO: Sandeep Mittal

Registered: 2008

Address: 1500 – 701 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver BC, V7Y 1C6

Call: 604.595.2495


Nirvana Canada

25. BragDeal Inc.

BragDeal Inc is a Vancouver-based web design and marketing agency that specializes in web design, branding, marketing and consulting. They offer services such as graphic design, web design, logo, business cards, SEO, video animation, online marketing and website development. They are accredited with a lot of awards including the Top B2B service providers in Canada by Clutch in 2019.

Founder/CEO: Dan Brag

Registered: 2013

Address: 688 Abbott St, 3103, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0B9, CA

Call: +1 844 604 2724


BragDeal Inc

26. Aroma Web Design

Aroma web design is a Vancouver-based web design and branding agency that specializes in top-quality web design, development and branding. They offer services like WordPress design, eCommerce stores, full custom web design, web development, logo design, social media branding, hosting & email services, SEO, CMS and website maintenance.

CEO/Partner: Dobrisa Curkovic

Registered: 2011

Address: 6th Floor, 73 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B1A1, CA

Call: (778) 387-3525


Aroma web design

27. FreshWorks Studio

FreshWorks Studio is an award-winning technological consultancy firm that specializes in designing and developing functional mobile and web applications. They offer services such as UX/UI research & design, digital product strategy, web app development, mobile app development, and Agile coaching.

CEO: Samarth Mod

Registered: 2016

Address: 997 Seymour St, 250, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3M1, CA

Call: 250-412-3470


FreshWorks Studio

28. Rainy Town Media

Rainy Town Media is a Vancouver-based full-service web development and design agency that specializes in open source technology like Magento, Drupal, WordPress and other customized application platforms. They offer services like web design, eCommerce, CMS, mobile applications, graphic design and branding and SEO.

Registered: 2015

Address: 422 Richards St Suite 17, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4, CA

Call: 604.800.9067


Rainy Town Media

29. Forge and Smith

Forge and Smith is a Vancouver-based design, development and digital strategy agency that specializes in UX design, and content strategy. They offer services such as digital strategy, web development, and SEO.

Principal & Founder/CEO: Shawn Johnston

Registered: 2011

Address: 1231 Pacific Blvd, Suite 346, Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 0E2, CA

Call: 778-397-0984


Forge and Smith


MAPLEWEB is a web design, graphic design, web development and digital marketing (SEO, SMM) agency based out of Vancouver, BC, that specializes in design and development serving small and medium-sized companies. They offer services like brand design, website design, multimedia & videos, logo design, digital marketing and business storytelling.

CEO & Founder: Tariq Hameed

Registered: 2002

Address: 170 – 422 Richards St Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 2Z4

Call: 604 283 7314



31. SplitMango

SplitMango is an award-winning Vancouver-based digital agency specializing in Front End Development, Custom Programming, Web Design & Digital Strategy. They offer services such as UX design, web design and UI, web development, technology & consulting, email marketing, PPC/SEO, WordPress and Shopify.

CEO/ Managing Director: David Miller

Registered: 2009

Address: 105-223 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3V3, CA

Call:  +1 604-200-0100



32. Vandesign Web Development

Vandesign is a Vancouver based web design agency specializing in lead generation websites for B2B & B2C clients and digital marketing services. They offer services like web design, web development, programming, internet marketing, SEO, e-Commerce, web strategy, Search engine marketing and analytics.

CEO/ Project Manager: Tom Lawreszuk

Registered: 2008

Address: 422 Richards St, Suite 170, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2Z4, Canada

Call: (778) 697.4545


33. York & Chapel

York & Chapel is a creative marketing and web development service provider that specializes in design, content and strategy. They offer services such as brand building & positioning, creative development, digital development, marketing & advertising, social media marketing, e-Commerce, and logo design.

Founder/CEO: Dave Ho

Registered: 2001

Address: 3981 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 1Y7

Call: 646.397.6244


York & Chapel

34. PortoCloud Media Inc.

Portocloud Media Inc is a Vancouver-based creative digital agency that specializes in web design & development, digital marketing and advertising, and digital asset management. They offer services such as web design & development, digital marketing, advertising, and cloud solutions. They serve large to small businesses across North America.

CEO/ Director: Kaayla Canfield

Registered: 2015

Address: 300 – 1275 W 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6H 1A6

Call: +1 (778) 201 6488


Portocloud Media

35. Burst! Creative Group

Brust! Creative Group is a Vancouver-based strategic marketing and graphic design agency that specializes in business communication services, corporate identity programs and branding. They offer services such as branding, packaging, SEO, Social media campaigns, websites, graphic design, and website design & programming. They have extensive working experience of over ten years.

Founder & CEO:  Jeff Pinder

Registered: 2008

Address: Suite 20 – 211 Columbia Street Vancouver, BC, V6A 2R5

Call: 604 662 8778


Brust! Creative Group

36. Pieoneers Software Inc.

Pieoneers Software Inc. is an award-winning, Vancouver-based web & mobile app development agency that focuses on creating high-value web & mobile apps. They offer services like web & mobile apps, website development, full-stack development, brand development, web design, deployment & DevOps, project planning and strategy and SEO services.

Co-Founder & CEO: Olena Tkhorovska

Registered: 2009

Address: 543 Granville Street, 5th floor, Vancouver, BC V6C 1X8, CA

Call: +1 604 710 2407


Pieoneers Software Inc.

37. Stigan Media

Stigan Media is a Vancouver based web design and marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization. They offer services such as web design & development, custom landing pages, SEO, Search engine marketing & paid ads, graphic design, landing pages, copywriting and websites. They are also Bing ads and Google partners.

Managing Director/CEO: Sandro F

Registered: 2009

Address: 55 Water St, #308, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1A1, CA

Call: (778) 379-0888


Stigan Media

  1. Red Cherry

Established in 1999 as a Calgary web design company, Red Cherry has been serving up the best in digital marketing and website development for clients in Canada and the USA. Their portfolio represents over ten years of quality and experienced work.

CEO: Dan Carter

Registered: 2013

Address: 7 Coachwood Place Calgary AB

Contact: +1 888 401 6668


red cherry - web development

  1. Clio Websites

A Calgary-based web designing agency that specialises in SEO and WordPress as well. They are popular for aiding small businesses launch and grow backed by scalable web designs.

Owner and CEO: Nat Miletic

Registered: 2019

Contact: +1-403-690-8598


Clio Websites - web development company

  1. Two Trees Studio Web Design Calgary

Two Trees Studio is a Calgary based company of web designers and web developers. They offer design & website development solutions which are attractive, high end, and easy to use. They serve the local community as well as other clients across North America and even outside Canada.

VP: Andrey Siganur

Registered: 2014

Contact: + 1 (403) 483-3117
+1 (587) 437-2645

Address: 76 Woodgate Close SW, Calgary AB, T2W 4C1


Two Trees Studio

  1. StyleLabs Inc.

They began as a startup digital marketing company six years ago and have evolved into an essential business consultancy servicing hundreds of entrepreneur organizations in Calgary. 300 in fact, of which 90% dominate the first page of Google in multiple pertinent categories.

President: Almin Kassamali

Registered: 2009

Contact: 1-855-681

Address: 3rd Floor, 4915 54 Street, Red Deer, Alberta

StyleLabs Inc.- web development company

  1. Global iTech Web Systems

They are a Calgary based professional and affordable web design, web development, eCommerce and online shopping cart development, custom application development, online internet marketing, search engine optimization, graphics and logo design, database design & development company.

Director: Kamal Bhattarai

Registered: 2010

Contact: 403-402-1727

Mail: ,

Address: 107- 55 Westwinds Cres NE, Calgary Alberta

Global iTech Web Systems

  1. Codesign Technologies Inc.

We are an award-winning Web Design & Digital Marketing agency in Calgary. Focused on creative and results-driven solutions. We help ambitious organizations adapt their business to digital.

Project Manager & Creative Director: Rajesh B.

Registered: 2015

Contact: Phone: (587) 777-0093


Codesign Technologies Inc.

  1. Flipp Advertising Inc

Flipp is a full-service advertising, branding and digital design agency that creates experiences that resonate. We believe in prototyping, taking risks, and building meaningful work that surprises and achieves measurable results.

Creative Director: Leah Zukoski

Registered: 2017

Contact: 403.720.2007


Address: Suite 630, 602 – 12th Ave SW, Calgary AB, Canada T2R 1J3

Flipp Advertising Inc

  1. MORAD Creative Agency

Founded in 2004, MORAD Creative Agency is a Digital Design Agency specializing in a variety of services to elevate your brand. Whether you need brand strategy, creative graphic design, content marketing, SEO, social media or digital marketing or web design & development, you can rest assured.

COO: Nabil Bushnaq

Registered: 2019

Contact: 403.263.1666


Address: #201 1218 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 0T1

MORAD Creative Agency

  1. Vertical Motion Inc.

The Vertical Motion team is highly skilled in custom software development, native, hybrid, and web-based mobile app development, product launch, c-suite on demand, grant funding assistance, digital marketing, and design. Our expert business advisors and coaches facilitate seamless business workshops that cover a variety of topics such as customer discovery, business plan development, and financial forecasting.

CEO: Robert Titsch

Registered: 2006

Contact: 1.888.815.4365


Address: #300, 4838 Richard Road SW, Calgary, AB Canada T3E 6L1

Vertical Motions

  1. T&G Web Solutions ltd.

T&G Web Solutions is an online marketing, web designing and portal development-oriented organization – whose sole purpose is to deliver you the best user experience with intuitive technology.

Director: Tejinder Virk

Registered: 2017

Contact: 587-500-0954


Address: 400, 7015 Macleod Trail South Calgary, Alberta T2H 2K6

T&G Web Solutions

  1. FullView Design

FullView Design is a small, creative, forward-thinking and passionate web design & development company based in Ottawa, Ontario. They love working with clients every day to help bring their projects to life.

Owner: Stephane Trottier

Registered: 2006

Call: 1.888.655.1020 / 613.691.0800

Address: 207 Bank Street, Suite 407, Ottawa, ON K2P 2N2


FullView Design

  1. Web Design Ottawa Agency

They are an experienced, Ottawa-based website design and digital marketing company dedicated to creating attractive and effective websites that attract more clients and boost your business.

Director: Ahmed Rashid

Registered: 2005

Call: (613) 707-4808

Address: 2255 St Laurent Blvd Suite 130, Ottawa, ON K1G 4K3


Web Design Ottawa Agency

  1. U7 Web Design & Marketing

U7 SOLUTIONS is a website design and digital marketing agency with niche expertise in customized web-based portals and intranets. They help businesses and non-profit organizations thrive online with websites, portals, and digital marketing solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

Founder & CEO: Jayson Peltzer

Registered: 2007

Contact: U7 SOLUTIONS, 615 – 2647 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7T5

U7 Solutions - seo company

  1. WebLift

WebLift is a boutique agency offering consulting, design & development. They’re a passionate and experienced group dedicated to providing clients unparalleled strategies of online growth and boosted reputation.

Founder: Mr. Kim Dawson

Registered: 2004

Call: +1 613-707-5496

Address: 178 Meadowlands Dr W Unit B (12,307.46 km), K2G 2S6 Ottawa, ON, Canada


  1. Baytek

Baytek is an Ottawa‐based branding, web design and development company. Founded in 1994, Baytek brings a unique level of experience and a complete mix of services necessary to the success of each and every project.

Partner & Technical Director: Chad Sehn

Registered: 2011

Call:  613.759.4423

Address: 150 Elgin St #1080, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4



  1. Webshark

They are an Ottawa based Web Design and Online Marketing Firm. They design beautiful/responsive websites combined with unlimited future changes and local online marketing.

Principal: Matthew Lapierre

Registered: 2013

Call: 613-963-9666 /  866-264-9479

Address: 343 Preston Street #1101 Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4



  1. is an Ottawa-based website development company that delivers innovative online business solutions. They specialize in website design and development, web maintenance, web hosting, mobile app development, online marketing and SEO. They also offer consulting and maintenance packages.

President: Jamie Beck

Registered: 2001

Call: 613-237-1535

Address: 2435 Holly Lane, Unit 100 – Second Floor, Ottawa – Ontario, K1V 7P2

Mail: /


  1. MARSWorks

MARSWorks is now an digital agency comprised of talented designers and developers who share a passion for designing innovative solutions to help businesses and organizations grow.

Owner: Anthony Whalen

Registered: 1997

Call: +1-613-860-MARS (6277) / +1-877-812-1577

Address: MARSWorks Inc. 2310 St. Laurent Blvd., Unit 101, Ottawa, ON   K1G 5H9



  1. Atomic Motion

Atomic Motion Inc. is an Ottawa web development company specializing in web design and application development. Their comprehensive solutions deliver measurable results that will grow your business, save you money and increase your client base or membership.

CEO: Dan Cummins

Registered: 2000

Contact:  (613) 909-8039

Address: 111 York Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5T4

Atomic Motion - web development

  1. Marketing Blendz

Marketing Blendz has a simple goal– to help clients grow their businesses. Their approach can be as diverse as the businesses they serve. They help create the responsible strategy that blends exceptional creative content with the appropriate channels – ensuring a successful campaign that meets its objectives.

Project Manager & Graphic Designer: Sarah Christensen

Registered: 2013

Call: 613-859-9119

Address: 1109 Rocky Harbour Crescent Ottawa, ON K1V 1V4 (Map)


Marketing Blendz

  1. Netfolie

Netfolie is a full-service web design and development agency in Montreal, Quebec that specializes in designing productive, appealing and easy-to-navigate websites. They offer services like web design, branding, interactive design, web development, app development, online marketing, SEO and SMM. They are also Google and Facebook marketing partners.

Founder & President: Dennis Markessinis

Registered: 2010

Address: 486 Saint-Catherine St W, Suite 200. Montréal, QC, H3B 1A6

Call: 1-514-600-4556 or 1-888-433-4245


Netfolie -web development

  1. Nixa 

Nixa is a web development service provider in Montreal that focuses on complex and challenging projects.They specialize in UX/UI design. They offer services such as web development & design, artificial intelligence, UX/UI design, eCommerce and SEO. They have extensive working experience of over twenty-five years.

CEO & Founder: Louis James Taylor

Registered: 1973

Address: 1184 Saint-Catherine Street W, #600 H3B 1K1 (Quebec)

Call: 1 888-959-0001



  1. Pearl White Media Inc

Pearl White Media Inc. is a Montreal based web and graphic design company specializing in WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento websites. They offer services like web design, graphic design, e-Commerce, programming, WordPress design, internet marketing, SEO, and Magento design.

Founder & CEO: Elie Wahnoun

Registered: 2008

Address: 6650 St Jacques St, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1V8, Canada

Call: 514-945-5552


Pearl White Media - web development

  1. Multimedia XP – Web Design

Multimedia XP is a Montreal based web design and development agency that specializes in web applications and custom developments without the use of WordPress. They offer services such as web design and services, web development, web design, graphic design, web applications, mobile sites, E-marketing, printing, Social media marketing, SEO, videos, mobile apps and API development..

Founder & President: Eduardo Ponce de Leon

Registered: 2008

Address: 333 rue Chabanel O. Montreal QC H2N 2E7 suite 517

Call: 514 312 2791


Multimedia XP - web development

  1. KamNic Inc

KamNic Inc Is a Montreal based web design and programming service provider that specializes in high quality Web and IT Solutions. They offer services like web design & development, responsive web design, E-commerce, SEO, web hosting, custom applications and CRM, IT solutions, networking, Cloud backup, cloud computing and Google ads.

Co-Founder/CEO: Pedram Rasti

Registered: 2010

Address: 2457 Centre Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3K 1J9

Call: +1 (855) 552-6642


KamNic Inc - web development

  1. Omnivision Design

Omnivision Design is a Montreal based web marketing company that offers its services to small, medium and large businesses including public companies. They offer services like internet marketing, web design, web development, social media marketing, content writing, blog marketing, content strategy and conversion optimization.

CEO: Andreas Deligeorge

Registered: 2005

Address: 106-7470 Sherbrooke St W. Montreal, Quebec Canada H4B 1S5 OR   6860 Chester Ave

Montreal, Quebec Canada H4V 1K6

Call: (514) 655-6276


Omnivision Design

  1. iExperto

iExperto is a It solutions company that offers professional web design services in Canada & the US. They provide services like web design, website security, website migration, website speed optimization, digital marketing, CMS development, learning management system, e-Commerce websites, cloud server setup & configuration and SEO.

Registered: 2010

Address: 7495 Durocher St, Montreal, QC H3N 2A2, Canada

Call: +1 647-503-9008




Design Shopp is a Montreal based graphic design and web design company that specializes in graphic design, website design and SEO. They offer services such as e-Commerce, online marketing, custom web-based software, web, apps, identity, brand development and print.

President & Co-Founder: Josef Azam

Registered: 2007

Address: 507 Place d’Armes, Suite 260 Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 2W8

Call: +1 514-303-8327


Design Shopp

  1. MAX Website Design

MAX Website Design is a Montreal based website design and development company that specializes in web development and design solutions. They also offer services such as web development, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, website migration, logos, brand development, social media advertising, website design and website hosting.

CEO: Matthew Bean

Registered: 2012

Address: 56 Somerville Ave. Westmount, QC H3Z 1J5 Canada

Call: 1-800-931-0109


MAX Website Design

  1. Mondien

Mondien is a Montreal based web design and internet marketing company that offer a wide range of services in the fields of web design, graphic design, internet marketing and copywriting. They also provide solutions such as content services, mobile website development, PPC and SEO.

Founder & CEO: Tudor Patrascu

Registered: 2011

Address: 442 St.-Gabriel Suite 100, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2Z9, CA

Call: +1 514-666-3436



  1. Evolving Web

Evolving Web is a Montreal based web agency that specializes in UX design and Drupal projects. They also offer services like web development, Drupal consulting, Drupal development, content management, open-source software, Drupal architecture, web design and Drupal training.

Co-Founder/CEO:  Alex Dergachev

Registered: 2007

Address: 304 Notre-Dame Est, Suite 401, Montréal, Québec H2Y 1C7, CA

Call: +1 514-844-4930


Evolving Web

  1. OptiWeb Marketing

OptiWeb Marketing is a Montreal based full-service web marketing agency that specializes in SEO and web design and development, offering a wide range of services. They offer services like SEO, social media marketing, ppc, advertising, e-Commerce website development, WordPress development and Magento development.

Founder: Brad Sacks

Registered: 2012

Address: 6228 Rue Saint-Jacques #192, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1T6, CA

Call: 514-447-7464


Optiwebmarketing - seo companies in Montreal

  1. Market IQ

Market IQ is a Victoria based website development, design and marketing agency that provides services across Victoria, BC. They offer services such as web development, SEO, Search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, reputation management, PPC and analytics.

CEO: Lyle Jenish

Registered: 2007

Address: 4464 Cottontree Lane, Victoria, BC v8x4g1, CA

Call: 250-418-5224


Market IQ - web Development company

  1. Caorda

Caorda is Victoria based leading web solution agency that specializes in website design & development, hosting, digital marketing and software application. They provide services as website design, web application development, digital marketing, web hosting, database development, mobile app development, SEO, Search engine marketing, PPC and social media marketing.

Owner/CEO: Rauvy Dalep

Registered: 2003

Address: 401–3795 Carey Rd. Victoria, BC V8Z 6T8

Call: +1 250.598.6772


Caorda- web development

  1. Geeks on the Beach – Web Agency

Geeks on the Beach – Web Agency is a Vancouver Island based full service web agency that specializes in creating websites. They offer services such as web design, SEO, online marketing, content services, photography, copywriting, PPC campaigns, Google analytics, adwords, WordPress & Joomla development.

Founder/CEO: Jonathan Michaels

Registered: 2008


Call: 778.432.2600


Geeks on the beach

  1. CL Web Developers Inc

CL Web Developers are a Victoria based web development company that specialize in transforming business websites into dynamic platforms that enhance service delivery, promote objectives and automate workflow. They offer services like website management, web design, web hosting, data analytics, SEO, e-Commerce, web development, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

CEO: James Gatsi

Registered: 2018

Address: 3450 Uptown Blvd #301, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8Z 0B9

Call: +1 (778) 677-3027


CL Web Developers

  1. Voltage New Media Inc.

Voltage New Media Inc. is a Victoria based design & development and marketing agency that specializes in Shopify design and development. They offer services such as web design, web development, graphic design, internet marketing, Shopify, Facebook marketing consulting and conversion rate optimization.

Owner/CEO: Matt Magi

Registered: 2009

Address: 7th Floor, 1175 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8W 2E1 Canada

Call: 778-265-2412


Voltage New Media - seo companies in Victoria

  1. SquareX

SquareX is a Victoria based all-in-one web solutions agency that provides services to small and medium businesses. They specialize in building highly customized websites and manage digital marketing campaigns. They offer services like custom websites design, web maintenance, SEO & digital Marketing and logo & branding.

Registered: 2015

Address: 1321 Blanshard St Suite 301, Victoria, BC V8W 0B6,

Call: +1 250-984-4318



  1. AdOrganic Web Design

Adorganic Web Design is a Victoria based web solutions agency that creates and manages online systems to grow business through organic traffic, online marketing and user experience (UI).

They offer services such as web design, e-Commerce, SEO, online marketing and website management.

Founder/CEO: Manfred Lotz

Registered: 2015

Address: 760 Johnson St, Victoria, British Columbia CA

Call: +1 250-507-6097


Adorganic Web Design

  1. Peak Websites

Peak Websites is a Victoria based, web services provider that offers technical solutions and expertise in front-end web, online marketing, consulting, and more. They offer web design, web development, search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Founder/CEO: David Gaskin

Registered: 2016

Address: 1061 Fort St, Victoria Canada, V8V 5A1

Call: (778) 587-9220


peak websites - web development

  1. Victoria Web Solutions

Victoria Web Solution is a Victoria based web solutions agency  that specializes in e-Commerce. They offer services such as responsive websites, website maintenance, search engine optimization and e-Commerce.

Founder/CEO: Patrick O’Keeffe

Address: 1250 Richardson St Apt. 306, Victoria, BC V8V 3E1, Canada

Call: +1 250-361-7180


victoria web solutions

  1. Radar Hill

Radar Hill is a website design and online marketing agency specializing in custom websites for small businesses, including e-commerce. They offer services like custom web design & development, online marketing, content management, real estate sites and SEO.

Project Coordinator/CEO: Dan Lundgren

Registered: 2001

Address: 204 – 1497 Admirals Road Victoria, BC V9A 2P8

Call: +1 250-477-6395


Radar Hill - web development

  1. BONE Creative

BONE Creative is a Victoria based full service creative agency that specializes in graphic design, brand experience and web development. They offer services like website design & development, branding, advertisement, digital animation and films, personal branding and web & print advertising.

Founder/CEO: Shon Taylor

Registered: 2009

Address: 100 – 1600 Quadra St, Victoria, BC V8W 2L3, Canada

Call: +1 250-984-2663


BONE Creative - web development

  1. PurplePig

PurplePig is a top-quality web design and SEO agency that offers web and SEO solutions to small to mid-sized businesses. They offer services like web design, SEO, logo design, content writing, website development, e-Commerce websites, graphic design, internet marketing and online advertising.

Operations Manager/CEO: Denny Warner

Registered: 2013

Address: 1824 Store Street – 2nd Floor Victoria, BC V8T 4R4

Call: +1 778-478-9277


PurplePig - web development

  1. Bluecore Media

Bluecore Media is a St. John’s Newfoundland-based web design company specializing in web development, online marketing and search engine optimization. They offer services such as website design, search advertising, social media, SEO, PPC, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and email marketing. They were also rated as the top three web designers in St. Johns by the Three Best Rated in 2021.

Registered: 2014

Address: 85 Mayor Ave, St. John’s, NL A1C 4N9, Canada

Call: (709) 909-0860


Bluecore Media

  1. Four Winds Design

Four Winds Design is a St. Johns based web design and development agency that specializes in design and wordpress development. They Offer services like web design and development, branding and graphic design.

CEO: Jamie Ross

Registered: 2009

Address: 23 Belvedere Street St. John’s, Newfoundland A1C 3X9

Call: 709.746.5838


Four Winds Design - web development

  1. Zircon Web Design Inc

Zircon Web Design Inc is a web design agency based out of Newfoundland that specializes in mobile website design and development. They offer services such as content management system, SEO, logo design, domain registration, email and hosting services and post launch maintenance.

Owner/CEO: Sandra OLeary

Registered: 2005

Address: 90 Ridgewood Dr, Paradise, NL A1L 1K8, Canada

Call: (709) 691-2750


Zircon Web Design

  1. Newfound Marketing

Newfound Marketing is a Newfoundland based website development and digital marketing agency. They offer services such as web development, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, local SEO, search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization, email marketing and PPC.

Owner/CEO: Sheldon Payne

Registered: 2012

Address: 39 Pippy Place, 2nd Floor, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador A1B 3X2, CA

Call: 709-769-2725


NewFound Marketing

  1. Heardgi Website Design

Heardgi Website Design is a St. Johns, Newfoundland based website design company that focuses on developing websites for small businesses. They offer services such as landing page, static website, e-Commerce, database storage, Virus scan & backup, fast speed host, SEO, analytics and brand strategy.

Co-founder/CEO: Chen Meng

Address: 230 Elizabeth Ave, St. John’s, A1B 1T5

Call: +1 709-763-8054


Heardgi Website Design

  1. Breton Group

Breton Group is a St. Johns, Nl based digital business solutions provider that specializes in web development & design. They offer services such as digital marketing, graphic design, website development, custom development, business development, project management and web hosting.

President & CEO: Dave d’Entremont

Registered: 2001

Address: 145 Aberdeen Square, Unit 103, St. John’s, NL A1A 5P6

Call: 709.757.9000


Breton Group - web development

  1. Zwebra Web Studio Inc

Zwebra Web Studio Inc is a creative web design, app development & digital marketing agency in St. Johns, NL. They provide solutions such as web development, software development, online marketing, SEO, web application development, SMM, PPC, mobile app development on open-source platforms like Angular, Laravel, Node.js and Vue.js.

Owner/CEO: Maksym Bezorudko

Registered: 2009

Address: 133 Prince William Street, Suite 801, Saint John, NB, E2L 2B5

Call: (506) 607 9407


Zwebra- web development

  1. JAC

JAC is an award-winning full-service design & development and digital marketing agency specializing in front end development, custom programming, web design, app development & digital strategies. They offer services such as website design, brand development, social media, digital marketing, SEO, marketing, SEM, graphic design, logo design, photography, videography, branding, traditional marketing, lead generation, web development, app development, and UI/UX.

CEO: John Atkins

Registered: 2008

Address: 1 Commonwealth Avenue Mount Pearl, NLCanadaA1N 1W3

Call: (709) 754-0555


JAC - web development

  1. Silverhawk Promotions Ltd.

Silverhawk Promotions Ltd. Is a marketing and web development company that offer web development, print and social media marketing solutions to a wide range of businesses, not-for-profit organizations and community-based groups. They provide services like web development, graphic design, social media marketing, creative writing, media & press releases, and marketing campaigns.

Manager & Lead Designer/CEO: Kim Baker

Registered: 2004

Address: 27A Gregory Pl, Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, A5A 4H3, Canada

Call: +1 709-427-8795


Silverhawk Promotions

  1. WaterWerks

WaterWerks is a St. Johns based international award winning advertising and communications firm. They offer services like campaigns, branding, digital marketing, tradeshow, photography, design, SEO, social media marketing, PR, animation and strategy.

Partner/CEO: Stephen Tessier

Registered: 2000

Address: 96 Lemarchant Rd, St. John’s, NL A1C 2H2, Canada

Call: +1 709-738-5090


water werks - seo companies

  1. Plum Creative Works

Plum Creative Works is a web development and full-service boutique marketing agency that is located in St. Johns. They offer services such as branding, marketing, website design, strategic consulting, material production, media planning, social media and logos.

Executive Director/CEO: Patrick Martin

Registered: 1998

Address: 446 Newfoundland Dr St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, NL, Canada A1A 4G7

Call: +1 709-753-3729


plum creative -web development

92. Revolution Media

A consulting firm & digital marketing agency based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They work with local and national brands to develop & deliver effective marketing and advertising strategies.

Managing director: Heather MacLean

Registered: 2000

Contact: +19023675060

Address: 49 Pownal St Suite 101, Charlottetown, PE C1A 3W2, Canada


Revolution Media

93. TechnoMedia

A full-service marketing, communications, and website development & design agency, building client’s business and reputation on quality work & excellent service.

Partner / Senior Designer: Blair Sweeney

Registered: 1999

Contact: 902-368-3043

Address: 7 Pownal Street, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 3V7


94. Lets Nurture

An ISO 9001: 2015 certified global leading IT digital company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island that has a proven track record of catering to an array of industries. Their commitment to giving excellence and quality deliverables to reputed clients has brought smiles all around, from the start-ups to big industry players!

CEO: Ketan Raval

Registered: 2017

tel:902 6209098

Address: 31 Queen St, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4A4 Canada


95. Big Surge Inc

Big Surge is a digital design and web development agency. From website design and content to mobile apps, SEOs, branding, analysis, marketing strategy, and more, their team is here to help clients grow significantly in the digital space.

Director: Neeti Sharma

Registered: 2017

Contact: +1 (902) 213-9913

Address: Suite 102 and 105, 500 Queen Street, Charlottetown, PE, Canada



96. AOR Web Solutions

AOR Solutions (formerly known as Analytic-OR) is a management consulting firm. They partner with clients from all sectors to develop & implement solutions for complex challenges to develop & implement practical solutions with web design and development, SEO and analytics, digital marketing, marketing and communications, including strategies, tactics and tools, and graphic design.

Registered:  2016

Principal & Co-owner: Michelle MacDonald

Contact: +1 9024226591

Address: 53 Grafton St Unit 200, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1K8, Canada


AOR Solutions

97. True WebMedia

TrueWeb Media is a full-stack digital solutions agency operating in Charlottetown, PEI. They specialize in web development, SEO, and digital marketing.

Owner & Web Developer: Bradon Gray

Registered: 2020

Contact: (902) 213-8046

Address: Greater Charlottetown Area, Prince Edward Island



98. TDTSolutions

They provide cutting-edge solutions in logo design, branding, promotional material printing, Professional web designing, social media management, Listing, E-news building, Google and Bing AdWords, Search engine optimization, CMS & WordPress training.

Web designer: Troy Fraser

Registered: 2003

Contact: 902-628-5451

Address: P.O. Box 2676, Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 8C3


99. Graphcom – Design, Web, Marketing

Graphcom is one of the region’s premier branding, web, and creative graphic design agencies specializing in corporate identity and messaging programs, print ads and publications, trade show displays, social media strategies and implementation, websites, and a multitude of services.

Developer: Younes Abdoun

Registered: 2011

Contact: 902-892-0029

Address: 124 Sydney Street, Gahan House Office Suites, Suite 200, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1A 1G4, Canada



101. Eyewire Technologies

A trusted independent marketing service provider that builds outstanding web applications for clients’ digital success.

Registered: 2018


Eyewire Technologies

  1. 2Web Design Inc.

2Web Design Inc. is an award-winning, Saskatchewan based web design and custom web application development agency that serves across all industry verticals. They offer services such as digital strategy, website design, web application, digital marketing, mobile apps, maintenance and support.

CEO: Mouneeb Shahid

Registered: 2004

Address: 402 21st St E #200, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0C3, Canada

Call: 306.664.2932


2Web Design Inc.

  1. Zeal Media

Zeal Media is a Saskatoon based web design company specializing in SEO & digital marketing. They offer services like responsive web design, eCommerce web design, SEO, marketing strategy, training & coaching, graphic design, web hosting and website maintenance.

President & CEO: Ryan Boutin

Registered: 2011

Address: 36 – 1736 Quebec Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1V9

Call: 1-888-454-0620​


Zeal Media - web development company

  1. YasTech

YasTech is a Saskatoon based web design company that specializes in strategy, custom websites, marketing & SEO. They offer services such as web design, software development, website applications, online marketing, social media marketing, branding, mobile development, graphic design, mobile app development, and SEO.

Owner & CEO:  Michael Yasieniuk

Registered: 2007

Address: 2222 Ave C N, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7L 6C3, CA

Call: 306.249.9609



  1. STEALTH Media

STEALTH Media is a Saskatoon based full-service web design and marketing company that specializes in web design and SEO. They offer services such as website development, logos, print, SEO, marketing, copywriting, graphic design, advertising, app development, video and photography.

COO & Managing Director: Ryan Janzen

Registered: 2006

Address: 15 Innovation Blvd #304, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2X8, Canada

Call: +1 833-333-0344


Stealth Media - seo companies in Saskatoon

  1. ATTRACT Media 

ATTRACT Media is a leading web development and marketing service provider in Canada that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through custom websites, marketing & SEO. They offer services such as branding & logo, website design, illustration & print, animation, video & photography, social media, SEO and marketing campaigns.

CEO: Ryan Yeti

Registered: 1107 Pohorecky Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7W 0H9, Canada

Address: 2018

Call: +1 306-251-1005



  1. Prairie Tide Tech

Prairie Tide Tech is an award-winning Saskatoon based web design and custom web application development agency that specializes in web design and SEO. They offer services such as custom website design, SEO and Google business profile optimization.

President/CEO: Tom Simon

Address: 701 45th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 0W4, CA

Call: +1 306-716-8565


Prairie Tide Tech - web development

  1. Trio Web Design

Trio Web Design is a Saskatoon based web design company that specialize in building custom websites and developing strategic Internet marketing strategy. They specialize in custom website design, website analytics, blogging & social networking, website update, domain registration & hosting and blueprint.

Registered: 2009

Address: 120 Sonnenschein Way #111, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W2, Canada

Call: +1 306-291-8694

Trio Web Design

  1. Cloud Creations

Cloud Creations is a premium web design And development company that specializes in custom web sites, based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They offer services such as custom web app, marketing website, eCommerce store, complimentary consultation, design mockup, website development and management & growth.

Owner & Web Developer: Brent Scholl

Registered: 2014

Address: 1123 7th St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0Y9, Canada

Call: +1 306-480-8171


Cloud Creations- web development

  1. Levis Tech

Levis Tech is a custom app design and development company that specializes in custom apps and resource management software. They offer services such as app development, custom digital solutions, web development, resource management, inventory management, equipment management, compliance management and safety management.

CEO: Jared Fedorchuk

Registered: 2018

Address:  3 – 816 1st Ave North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 1Y3, CA

Call: +1 306-250-5387


Levis Tech - web development

  1. Territorial

Territorial is a Saskatoon based web design and development agency that specializes in web app designing. They offer services like branding, web development & design, digital products, user interface design, and user experience design.

CEO: Daren McLean

Registered: 2005

Address: 107-123 Ave B South Saskatoon, SK S7M 5X6

Call: 306-715-1538


Territorial -web development

  1. Island Web Design

Island is a full-service website design and digital marketing agency that specializes in custom designing. They offer services such as website design, UI Design, UX design, identity and website development and marketing.

Owner/CEO: Andrew Scott

Registered: 2011

Address: 118 23rd Street East Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7K 3M3

Call: +1 306-400-3627


Island Web Design

  1. The Foggy Lemon

The Foggy Lemon is a Saskatoon based website design and development agency that serves small businesses to grow. They provide solutions such as website design, graphic design, SEO, social media marketing and email marketing.

Owner/CEO: Ali Mysiorek

Registered: 2013

Address: 111 Barber Pl, Saskatoon, SK S7M 5K8, Canada

Call: +1 306-290-8660


The Foggy Lemon

  1. Awrey’s Marketing Solutions

Awrey’s Marketing Solutions is a Saskatoon based web design and marketing company that specializes in web design, local business lead generation and online presence. They offer services such as web design, social media ads management and SEO.

Owner/CEO: Brandon Awrey

Registered: 2016

Address: 419 8B – 3110 8th Street East Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7H0W2

Call: +1 306-371-1359


Awrey's Marketing

  1. Adaptive Media

Adaptive Media is a web development and digital media agency that expertise in SEO and digital marketing. They offer service responsive web design, strategy consulting, mobile app development, digital marketing, mobile app development and creative branding.

Project Marketing Manager: Adnan A.

Registered: 2013

Address: 102 Cope Crescent #307, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0G3, Canada

Call: +1 306-992-0678


Adaptive Media

  1. FormativeLabz

FormativeLabz is a Saskatoon based full-service digital Marketing, web development, and graphic design agency. They offer services such as graphic design, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, web design and development and mobile app development.

CEO: Vijay Nair

Address: 235 Willis Cres #338, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0W7, Canada

Call: +1 639-384-2212



  1. Magna Web Services

Magna Web Services is a full-service web design and digital marketing service provider that specialize in providing tailor-made solutions to local businesses. They offer services such as WordPress websites, custom web design, content creation and SEO & PPC.

Head Of Business Development: Zach Horsman

Registered: 2016

Address: 13-243 Herold Terrace Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7V 1J6, CA

Call: +1 306-530-0767


Magna Web Services

  1. First Contact Web Design

A trusted web development company in Whitehorse, Yukon that provides unparalleled website development and design services for empowering ventures meet their goals.

Owner/Senior Web Developer: Roger Gillies

Registered: 2009


(867) 335-1998

Address: 45 12 Ave E, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 4J7, Canada

first contact web design

  1. Bizont

A team of result-driven developers, designers and content strategists who make use of cutting-edge methods of framing engaging and high-quality digital products.

CEO: Marcos Castillo

Registered: 2015


Address: 301-309 Strickland Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


  1. Frozen Pixels Design

A popular & versatile web designing firm in Canada that also specialises in printing various business collaterals.

Owner: Heather A Steinhagen

Registered: 2013

Contact: +1 867-333-9354

Address: 79 Fireweed Dr., Whitehorse (YT), Canada

forzen pexels

  1. Mark Rutledge Design

Mark Rutledge based in Whitehorse, Yukon has been helping companies brands achieve their digital growth and awareness goals with stunning web design and development solutions.

Owner: Mark Rutledge

Registered: 2016

Contact: (867) 335-8610

Address : 204 Strickland St, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2J8, Canada

Mark Design

  1. Aasman Brand Communications

A full-service branding and creative communications agency, that helps clients articulate and position their brands, bring new ideas and services to market, and build more profitable relationships by leveraging brand values with consumer insights.

Managing Director: Al Aasman

Registered: 2007

Contact: 402 Hanson Street, Second Floor, Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 1Y8
Tel:  867.668.5248

Aasman Brand Communications

  1. Mammoth Agency

Mammoth is a creative agency that helps brand grow with strategic as well as creative solutions that boost a brand’s positive advancement in the competitive industry.

Graphic Designer/Web Designer: Rashid Sadykov

Registered: 2019

Contact: 301 Hoge St. Whitehorse, Yukon


mammoth agency

  1. Outcrop | Yukon

The company is Northern Canada’s one of the biggest full-service branding and communications agencies that carries the mission to bolster the client growth in a crowded digital space.

VP of Client Services: Donna Mercier

Registered: 1997


Tel.: 867.393.5999 ext.401
Fax: 867.393.5990

Address: #305-104 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 0M2

outcrop communication - seo companies in Whitehorse

  1. MBDC

A team of creative developers, thinkers and communicators that aid in shaping the growth journey of various brands and companies, digitally.

Founders: Michael Ericsson and Bianca Ericsson

Registered: 2018

Contact: 250-571-6004

Address: 2180 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5N6

MBDC Marketing

  1. Kellett Communications Inc

A versatile and talented team of strategists, marketers, developers and project managers who work with the commitment of delivering excellence in aiding the brands achieve their digital growth.

Key Principal: William Kellett

Registered: 2005

Contact: Unit 402 – 303 Alexander Street, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2L5

Tel: (867) 668 7530

Kellett Communication

  1. Campus Creative

Campus Creative specialises in providing the local small businesses websites that work effectively and strategically for them, without having them spending a fortune.

Executive Director: William Komer

Registered: 2012

Contact: 1-800-272-3002

Address: 2180 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse YT

campus creative

  1. immediaC

immediaC is a Halifax based software development agency that specializes in custom website development and mobile application. They offer services such as web design, web testing, mobile apps, software development and SEO.

CEO: John Leahy

Registered: 1998

Address: 1741 Brunswick St, Suite 430 Halifax, NS  B3J 3X8

Call: 902-491-4485



  1. Grandway Marketing

Grandway Marketing is a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based web development and digital marketing company that Specializes in web design, SEO, branding and design for small businesses. They provide solutions such as web design, web development, WordPress, SEO, email marketing, branding, graphic design, logo design, web maintenance, eCommerce, and digital marketing. They were rated as the Top 3 Web Designers in Halifax by the Three Best Rated in 2021.

Founder/CEO: Nic Stana

Registered: 2017

Address: 2021 Brunswick St, Suite 219M, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2Y5, CA

Call: 902-982-1442


Grandway Marketing

  1. Web Developed Inc.

Web Developed Inc. is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based web development agency that focuses on web design, digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. They offer services such as conversion optimization, online marketing, web development, graphic design, digital strategy, brand transformation, branding, logo design, brand strategy and social media strategy.

Founder/CEO: Kevin Joseph

Registered: 2001

Address: 1959 Upper Water St #1374 Halifax, NS B3J 3N2 Canada

Call: +1 416-844-6638

Web Developed Inc. - web development

  1. Screenlevel Web Solutions

Screenlevel Web Solutions is a Halifax, Nova Scotia web design and development service provider that specializes in responsive web designs that cater to users on their mobile phones. They offer services such as responsive website design, website hosting, domain names, logo development, SEO and website repairs.

Registered: 2000

Address: 3045 Robie St. Unit 5, Suite 304 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3K 4P6

Call: (902) 444-2005


Screenlevel Web Solutions

  1. True inSite Web Design

True inSite Web Design is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based web design company that specializes in custom web design and eCommerce websites. They offer services such as custom web design and development, eCommerce websites and responsive, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use and maintain websites that generate leads.

CEO: Tim Dittmer

Registered: 2001

Address: 56 Howland Dr Lower Sackville, NS, B4C 1S7 Canada

Call: +1 902-830-6155


True inSite Web Design

  1. DOT Simple Website Design

DOT Simple Website Design is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based web design and development agency that specializes in WordPress and Shopify websites. They offer solutions such as Shopify ECommerce, website design and development and brand strategy and positioning.

CEO: Pam Green

Registered: 2009

Address: Bedford, NS, Canada B4B 0L5

Call: +1 902-209-6414


DOT Simple Website Design

  1. Hop Creative

Hop Creative is a Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada graphic and website design service provider that specializes in graphic and web designing. They also offer services like web design, web development, UX design, HTML, CSS, mobile design, wireframing, information architecture, SEO, digital marketing, photo editing and video editing.

Principal & UI / UX Designer: Trevor Delaney

Registered: 2009

Address: 1533 Barrington St. Suite 300 Halifax, NS B3J 1Z4

Call: +1 902-482-9585


Hop Creative

  1. Roddis Communications inc

Roddis Communications inc. is a Halifax, Nova Scotia, based creative web development agency that specializes in website design, digital marketing and SEO. They offer services such as web design, graphic design, digital marketing, strategic marketing and print brokerage.

President/CEO: David Roddis

Registered: 2008

Address: 17 Murdock MacKay Ct, Lower Sackville, NS B4C 4G3, Canada

Call: +1 902-252-3292


Roddis Communications

  1. Red Ear Media

Red Ear Media is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based website design and digital advertising agency that specializes in custom WordPress website design, Google ads management and digital marketing strategy. They also offer other services like website design, Google ads, SEM, PPC, social media ad management and web application.

CEO: Rob Gillan

Registered: 2014

Address: 433 Sheppards Run, Beechville, Nova Scotia B3T2G6, CA

Call: 902.410.1971


Red Ear Media - seo companies in Halifax

  1. Jo to the Web Solutions

Jo to the Web Solutions is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based web design and solutions agency that specializes in custom web design and e-commerce websites. They provide solutions such as website design, website development, web optimization, SEO, Google analytics, social media and email marketing.

Founder/CEO: Jo Hamilton

Address: 287 Lacewood Dr, Suite 103, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3M 3Y7, CA

Call: 902.442.7572


Jo to the Web Solutions

  1. Amplify Media

Amplify Media is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based premier web design and development agency that specializes in website designing. They offer services like website design & development, mobile website, database development, content management system, branding, creative marketing, social media and SEO.

Director/CEO: Shawn Anderson

Registered: 2010

Address: 15 Alderney Drive Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 2N2 Canada

Call: 902-489-4124


Amplify Media - web development

  1. Creative Curve Media

Creative Curve Media is a web development company in Halifax, Nova Scotia that serves small businesses with marketing essentials.  They offer services such as graphic design, website design and print services. They are also accredited with many accolades over the years.

President/CEO: John Copp

Registered: 2010

Address: 6450 Young St #4, Halifax, NS B3L 2A3, Canada

Call: +1 902-405-9191


Creative Curve Media - Digital marketing Companies

  1. Verda Design

Verda Design is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based web design and development service provider that specializes in building quality responsive web design. They offer services such as web design, logo design & branding, graphic design, social media, hosting & support and wedding & events.

CEO/Partner: Madison Zyluk

Registered: 2010

Address: 70 Arthur St #617, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1G7, Canada

Call: +1 204-421-9448


Verda Design - web development

  1. Unite Interactive

Unite Interactive is an award-winning web design and digital marketing company based in Winnipeg and Vancouver that specializes in providing digital solutions. They offer services such as website audits and strategy, development & IT, web design, digital marketing and video & photography. They have also won many awards, locally, nationally and internationally.

CEO: Mike Bettens

Registered: 2016

Address: 300-250 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3B 0S5

Call: +1 204-255-5062


Unite Interactive


DYNAMITE DESIGN is a Winnipeg based full-service website design and marketing agency that specializes in web design and development and SEO. They offer services such as website design, website development, search engine marketing, SEO, branding, logos, brochures and packaging design.

Owner/CEO: Justin Vandenberg

Registered: 1997

Address: 2000 Henderson Highway Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2G 1P2

Call: 204-299-3818



  1. WebsitesCA Web Design

WebsitesCA Web Design is a Winnipeg based web design and advertising services provider that specializes in WordPress web design. They offer services like web design, hosting, domains, email accounts, security, backups, marketing, SEO, training, domain names and updates.

Co-Founder/CEO: John Hart

Registered: 1999

Address: 300-245 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0S6, Canada

Call: +1 204-289-1661


WebsitesCA - web development

  1. OfficeSmarts Web Design

OfficeSmarts Web Design is a web design and online marketing agency that specializes in providing solutions on web technology to companies seeking to expand their businesses. They also offer solutions such as email marketing, web design, web applications and e-Commerce solutions.

Registered: 1997

Address: 1248 Pembina Highway Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 2B1

Call: +1 204-254-5136


OfficeSmarts Web Design

  1. NSD Tech Inc.

NSD Tech Inc. is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based web design and custom application company that specializes in web design and custom application services to small-medium  and non-profit organization. They provide solutions like online marketing, promotions, SEO, website development, website designs, hosting support services, software development, apps and apps development.

President/CEO: Sumegha Gupta

Registered: 2008

Address: 10-215 Fort Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C1C4

Call: +1 204-421-1421


NSD Tech Inc.

  1. Ennex Business Development

Ennex Business Development is a web development and digital marketing agency in Winnipeg, Manitoba that specializes in web development and social media marketing. They provide solutions like design & markup, web development, e-Commerce website development, web security maintenance, online marketing, digital branding and SEO.

Founder/CEO: John Einarson

Address: 201 Portage Avenue Floor 18 Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Call: +1 (888) 554-6785


Ennex Business Development

  1. Hello Digital Marketing

Hello Digital Marketing is a web design and digital marketing agency that specializes in building and growing websites and digital marketing strategies. They offer services such as website design, website applications, social media strategies, logo and brand identity, online marketing, eCommerce websites, WordPress, Shopify, and inbound marketing.

Founder/CEO: Joshua Hay

Registered: 2013

Address: 5-703 Corydon Avenue Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3M0W4

Call: +1 204-505-0380


Hello Digital Marketing

  1. Webgig Team

Webgig Team is a web design creative agency that specializes in graphic design and SEO optimization. They offer services such as web design & development, SEO, graphic design, web maintenance, social media management and WordPress security.

Registered: 2013

Address: 70 GARRY STREET

Call: +1 204-590-8616


Webgig Team

  1. Winnipeg Technical Services and Solutions

Winnipeg Technical Services and Solutions is a website designing company in Winnipeg that specializes in building responsive mobile websites. They offer services such as branding, custom web design, search engine optimization, information technology project management, business process automation, android & IOS application development.

Registered: 2014

Address: 212 – 323 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 2C1 Canada

Call: +1 877-612-2267


Winnipeg Technical Services

  1. Modern Earth Inc.

Modern Earth Inc. is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based web design and online marketing agency that specialize in WordPress websites, brand development, and online marketing. They offer solutions such as brand development, site development, online marketing, training, social media marketing, web hosting, SEO and PPC.

Director/CEO: Rod Salm

Registered: 1999

Address: UNIT 3 — 363 Broadway, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3N9, CA

Call: +1.204.885.2469


Modern Earth

  1. Primate Web FX

Primate Web FX is a Winnipeg Web Design company offering web design, web development and graphic design services. They offer services such as WordPress design, graphic design, eCommerce website and client resources.

Registered: 2017

Address: Symington Lane North 26, Dugald, MB, Canada, Manitoba

Call: +1 431-688-3028


Primate Web FX

  1. Rocky Mountain Web

A digital web design company based in Banff, Alberta that provides an array of services in web app development, Google analytics, SEO, Social media marketing and more.

Registered: 2018

Contact: Box 1837, Banff AB, Canada

Call: 1800 323 4752


Rocky Mountain Web- Digital Marketing Companies in Banff

  1. Marten Street Media

They create and maintain websites for businesses, from simple sites to complex online stores. Marten Street Media also helps with SEO, Local Search, Analytics, UX/UI, Funneling, Simple Branding/Graphic Design, and more.

Owner/Lead Designer: Jess McNally

Registered: 2020


Call: +1 403-763-9318

Business address: 100 Owl Street, Banff, Alberta (by appointment only)

Mailing address: PO Box 2355, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1C1

Marten Street Media

  1. Eggplant Studios

Eggplant Studios creates powerful and memorable websites that will continue the legacy of growth through cutting-edge web designing concepts.

Owner: Shawn Wernig

Registered: 2009

Contact: Phone: 250-688-8008


Mail: Box 443, Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

    Eggplant Studios - web development                                                 .

  1. Marvel Marketing

A Calgary based marketing agency providing solutions and results for small and large companies and/or brands

Founder: Ryan McRae

Registered: 2019

Contact: 114 61 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0B2

Office: (587) 387-2323

Toll-Free: 1-(800) 427-7113

Marvel Marketing - web development

  1. Visual Café Web Design

The company specialises in providing UI & UX enriched responsive web designs that empower businesses to achieve their digital growth.

Registered: 2005

Call: +1 403.609.0556


Visual Café Web Design

  1. BlindDrop Design Inc.

An established Calgary Web Design company, who offer branding solutions and online marketing services including optimized, custom WordPress web development, secure managed hosting, white-hat search engine optimization and admin management support to companies across Canada.

Owner: Lucas Arnatt

Registered: 2000

Contact: 102 100 Bow Ridge Court, Cochrane, AB T4C 1T4

Call: +1 (403) 667-0765


BlindDrop Design Inc.- web development

  1. Big Bright Sun Communications

They are a team of techies & artists who deliver eye-catching solutions. The company executes ideas that achieve business goals.

Web Producer & Founder: Serge LeBlanc

Registered: 2010

Contact: PO Box 311, Station Main, Moncton, NB, Canada E1C 8L4

Call: 1-877-224-0877


Big Bright Sun Communications

  1. Valley Sign and Design

The company provides a wide array of services in graphic designing, logo, branding, sign design, web design and more.

Business Owner: Allyson Pehlemann

Registered: 2022

Contact: 122D Eagle Crescent, Banff, Alberta


Call: (403) 763-9434

Valley Sign and Design

  1. Begin with B Web Design

Begin with B Web Design offers Internet services for individual, non-profit and small companies. They are known for providing affordable yet professional services for online marketing strategy.

WordPress Developer: Faran Tariq

Registered: 2009

Contact: +1 403-5369877


Begin with B Web Design

  1. Vox Digital

Vox Digital is a marketing agency in Calgary Alberta, Canada. They specialize in web design, SEO, and social media management / marketing.

Owner: Chase Keating

Registered: 2018

Contact: 228 Berwick Way NW, Calgary, AB T3K 1C1

Call: (403) 473-4847

Vox Digital

161. Sencia Canada Ltd

Sencia Canada Ltd. is an innovative software application development company in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They are dedicated to helping clients worldwide achieve their specific business goals through the use of strategy, design and technology.

Founder/Owner: Joe Quaresima and Irene Kozlowski

Registered: 2001


Address : 91 Cumberland St S, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6A7

Call: (807) 768-6603

Sencia Canada

162. Shout Media

A full-service marketing and communications agency with big ideas, blending creative brilliance with strategic expertise to maximize opportunities for the clients.

CEO: Suzanne Christie

Registered: 2009

Call: (807) 285.3404

Address: 37 Cumberland St S #204, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 2T4, Canada

shout media - web development

163. Ninesixty Media Group Inc.

They help businesses increase consumer awareness through brand development, web design and advertising.

Owner: Steve Lazar

Registered: 2012

Call: +1 (807) 632-0337


Address: 278 Park Ave, Thunder Bay, ON Canada

Ninesixty Media Group Inc.

164. Webpros2

Webpros2 offers Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Customizable Websites, Website Design Packages, E-Commerce Solutions, Social Media Marketing & Email Campaigns.

Creative Director: Kevin Anderson

Registered: 2012

Call: 1+ 807-627-1831


Address: 638 McKellar St N, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 4A5, Canada

Webpros2 - seo companies in Thunder Bay

165. Thunder Bay Web Design

Since 16+ years in the business, Thunder Bay has been able to serve hundreds of local business websites. The team is creatively enriched and technically skilful enough to help businesses achieve their digital growth goals.

Registered: 2009


Call: (807) 768-6603

Address: Suite 301 – 91 Cumberland St. S., Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6A7

Thunder Bay Web Design

166. BOLT Media

With decades of web design, development and marketing under our belts – BOLT Media is Thunder Bay’s top rated digital media firm. Their vast network of online design and media professionals, brings together a perfect blend of cutting edge talent paired with affordable pricing.

Senior Developer at COPP Marketing: Daniel Robere

Registered: 2012

Call: 1-807-286-0048


Address: 1500 James St S, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6N7, Canada

Bolt Media

167. Digital Mammoth

A passionately creative team formed by talented individuals from the fields of web development and graphic designers at Thunder Bay. They strive to provide the best solutions and services in web designing, graphic designing and branding across Canada and USA.

Co-Owner/Lead Developer: Dylan Uurainen

Registered: 2020


Call: 807-633-3538

Digital Mammoth

168. Norlink

Norlink specialises in helping small businesses rise and reach their online growth targets through cutting-edge and unparalleled SEO, web development & content marketing. Their designs are known for attracting the target clients through outstanding concepts.

Owner: Leanne Milton

Registered: 2001


Call: 807.475.5465

Address: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Norlink - web development

169. Sociable Thunder Bay

Social Thunder Bay tells stories, plans events and also aids local business ventures by piggybacking on strong traditional and digital marketing strategies, tailor made for unique brand requisites.

Owner & Producer: Brook Dallaire

Registered: 2020

Address: 14 St Paul St Unit 204, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4S5


Sociable Thunder Bay

170. Firedog Communications

An award-winning creative agency that offers result-oriented offline and online marketing strategies, researched and developed by the talented international team associated with the agency, consisting of producers, storytellers, content creators, strategists and brand designers.

CEO & Lead Strategist: Stephanie Ash

Registered: 2003

Address: 32 Court Street South, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 2W4 Canada

Call: 807.767.4443

Firedog Communications

171. CSP Marketing Solutions

Since 2010, the company has been instrumental in aiding businesses across Canada’s Ontario as well as the US in harnessing the opportunities to communicate and connect new clients, customers, leads and also build a solid foundation of relationship with the existing ones.

CEO: Carmrin Parnell

Registered: 2018

Address: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Call: 905.515.1660

CSP Marketing Solutions

172. Multee Media Corp

The company’s vision is to design and provide an all-in-one media strategy to clients through a personal approach that assures in delivering quality products. The talented team consists of graphic designers, video producers, content specialists, digital marketing executives and more.

Executive Director/Web Designer: Stewart Rathje

Registered: 2016

Address: Address: 207, 105 May St N Unit 209, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 3N9

Call: (807) 622-1966

multee media

173. Spun Creative

Spun Creative justifies its brand name in building hi-value and high-quality business strategies for social media, website design and development, photography, modern video production, etc. They create brand experiences that carry relevance, meaning and more.

Photographer, Cinematographer & Director: Jason Spun

Registered: 2012

Call: + (807) 707 7484

spun creative

174. Softileo

A well-reputed software company from Thunder Bay who specialise in drawing out custom success strategies for clients’ online and offline digital growth goals, through optimisation of areas ilike web development, SEO, Graphic designing & media marketing.

CEO: Mujahid Farooq

Registered: 2019


Call: +923319711583

Softileo - web development

175. Xourx Web Design

For more than 20 years, the company has garnered significant experience in graphic designing, digital marketing and web designing by providing cutting-edge digital growth strategies to every client. Their goal is helping our clients stand out in the competitive market by winning web design and web search engine optimization.

Web Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist: Alireza A

Registered: 2020

Call: +16472034006


Xourx Web Design

176.Kinex Media

Kinex media believes in building ever-lasting customer and client relationships. They are a goal oriented and result driven strategy developing company which has been recognised multiple times for providing unparalleled services in the fields of online marketing, website development, web design & e-Commerce.

Co-Founder: Amir Waheed

Registered: 2011

Call: 647 496 6015


Address: 250 University Ave. Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5H 3E5

Kinex Media

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