What Are The Benefits Of Using A PHP Framework?

  • by Admin
  • 18th, Jun 2020

PHP is one of those programming languages that are created with built-in web development abilities. Some website developing companies, app development companies, and also some of the best mobile website development companies in the USA and elsewhere, are availing it and the programmers are able to embed the code written in PHP. This is a popular server-side programming language and programmers are able to embed it seamlessly into HTML code by using the Script tag.

Web developers can also avail of the option to choose from a wide range of PHP frameworks. For now, before that, they need to understand the various benefits of making use of this effortless programming language.

PHP Simplifies web application maintenance

PHP is unlike other programming languages. It does not stress on code readability and maintainability. The PHP frameworks ease-out web application development and maintenance. This it does by giving support to model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. The developers can make use of MVC architecture in order to divide a web application into models, views, and controllers.

There arises no need to write additional code

PHP framework does not allow programmers to entail the concepts sans the longer lines of code. Thus, the PHP programmers need to write long and rather complex code while enlisting features and the functionality to a website. The PHP frameworks reduce coding time significantly by providing code generation features.

Speeds up customized web application development

In today’s times, the PHP programmers need to design web applications that are according to all the complex business requirements of the companies. Now, the tools, characteristics, and code snippets given by PHP frameworks aid the developers to speed up custom web application development.

It works with databases more efficiently

The maximum of the PHP frameworks helps the programmers to work with many of the widely used relational databases. Some frameworks then simplify the operations of the database by supporting object-relational mapping (ORM) systems. The programmers are to then take advantage of the ORM systems to conduct the database operations without availing lengthy SQL code. The ORMs also enables programmers to code directly in the PHP programming language.

It automatically conducts common web development tasks

The functions and tools that are provided by PHP frameworks allow the developers to automate most of the web development tasks like caching, session management, authentication, and URL mapping.

Protection of websites from security attacks

PHP is taken to be one of the most unsecured programming languages. Generally, programmers need to find ways to protect PHP applications from some kinds of security attacks. The built-in features of security and mechanisms are given by the PHP framework make it easier for developers to protect the websites from the already existing and emerging security threats.

Conducts unit testing efficiently

While creating a tailor-made web application, the developers need to conduct unit testing on a regular basis to examine the individual units and the components. A huge number of web developers use PHP Unit to conduct such unit tests rapidly and efficiently. In addition to being an object-oriented unit testing framework for PHP, the PHP Unit further helps developers to write and run unit tests by providing coding assistance. 

Not required to increase web development cost

Being an open-source server-side programming language, PHP aids the users to cut down on the web development cost. The developers can also make use of the option to select from multiple open source web frameworks for PHP. They can even make use of the characteristics and tools. Moreover, these open-source PHP frameworks do accelerate the custom web application development without hiking up project overheads.