Topmost Ideas For Mobile App Development To Combat The Effect Of COVID-19

  • by Admin
  • 1st, Jun 2020

The outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives completely. The entire world is now suddenly united, and we all are fighting the battle against this dreaded virus by taking all necessary precautions & restrictions.

We all know that this pandemic has had a crumbling effect on tech firms, companies, and businesses. So to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, firm owners must do something right? So are we expecting some kind of magic to happen?

Well, there can be some sort of this thing, we can’t deny. What business owners should have is a backup plan for their companies’ survival in the current market. Now, what are people who are quarantining these days? What are they engrossed in nowadays? Well, we all know the answer right. Mobile phones! And some excellent mobile apps are helping them sail through this terrible phase, by providing them many necessary items, solace, screen-times, etc.  

In fact, Mobile app development companies in Canada and many other tech-places in the world are thinking of developing such apps that will be the delivering angels of necessary services and items to the people. So let us look at some top mobile app development ideas amid COVID to steer away from waves of downfalls in your business as well, because people need mobile apps! So, build them! Your company will sail through.

Apps for E-commerce

E-commerce is on the rise because people are buying online because everyone is quarantining. Online marketplaces are seeing a hike of sales of necessities and daily used products these days and here are the stats:

  • Under the category of household essentials, sanitary items like toilet papers, sanitizers, masks, etc., are on the rise!
  • The sale of such products has hiked by 817% as compared to the existing market share.
  • In order to treat common health problems like cold, flu, & fever, people are resorting to mobile apps for medicines.

Apps for Online Education

Now students are attending virtual classes. The education industry is thus trying to transform itself because online education is on the highest rank amongst mobile app development ideas during COVID-19. E-learning is a new way!

  • More or less 70% of US education firms have invested in mobile app development ideas to support E-learning services to students, teachers, tutors, & educational institutions.
  • The revenue generated from e-learning services increased by a huge rate of 900% in between the years 2000-2017.
  • The e-learning industry will turn $325 billion by the end of the year 2025.
  • IBM allocated an amount of $200 million for e-learning investment on the verge of cost-saving benefits.

Logistic Firms and Supply Chain

The business processes of firms will ultimately not succeed if the supply chain is disrupted. Even during the period of lockdown, the supply delivery of essentials was allowed by the government to avoid crowds in the market. All these are possible through mobile apps that supplied and delivered household items, groceries, etc.

Crowd-funding apps

Many blue-collar workers are left jobless during the coronavirus crisis. And this is extremely unfortunate. And, in order to help people who are daily wage earners, many fundraisers are trying to fulfill their needs for food. Digital crowdfunding has become a great mobile app idea in the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak as it is really helping in fund collections for the welfare of the poor and needy.

Even during such a testing time, crowdfunding is getting a good response from the global communities. Many renowned brands are coming forward to pour in their contribution. Very recently, the US’s Prompt reached the funding target within just few days of its launch.

Apps for Healthcare, Fitness, Medical Van, Appointments

Mobile apps are closing the rifts in enhancing remote healthcare system during the pandemic outbreak. We all know that super fast medical help and great healthcare are extremely essential and these things are really the necessities right now, amid this quarantine time. Tech industry is incorporating such mobile app development ideas amid the COVID-19 for extending to the healthcare industry, for on-demand doctors or nurses, healthcare consultations, expert advice for fitness and immunity boosting, and getting prompt medical help via the mobile apps.