Refund & Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation

Refund policy

Please note that we deal with non-tangible services and do not deliver any tangible products. Hence, if you are not 100% satisfied with our service then, we are here to help you. In certain cases and within certain limits, an agreed amount of refund shall be made to you. Please read and understand the refund policies prior to making a payment.

1. Eligibility criteria and terms for a refund:

  • You will receive a full refund if the project has not been started or if no design style approved by you
  • You will receive a partial refund in case we fail to deliver the project as per our delivery policy. The amount refunded will be in proportion to the work done.
  • No refunds will be processed in case the project has been completed and uploaded on the server.
  • Please note that the refund request needs to be submitted within 14 days from the date of payment of the project fee.
  • You can e-mail, fax or post refund request to our mentioned address. Any other form of communication will not be considered legal.
  • We will process the refunds using the method of payment, which was mutually agreed, at the beginning of the project.
  • The full or the partial refund will be made within 7 business days from the date of cancellation.

2. Chargeback:

You may be unhappy with the website design or maybe the SEO strategy undertaken by our company is not generating expected revenue for your company. However, filing a chargeback or payment dispute is not a legal process of asking for a refund.

Please note that if you file a chargeback or dispute during the project, we will immediately suspend the work without any prior notice. Besides, we will also charge the chargeback fee, which is transferred to us by the credit card company. Please note that our lawyers evaluate all chargeback cases with sufficient evidence available from both the ends.

3. Changes in refund policy:

Please note that ZencastMedia LLC at any time, without prior notice and under its sole discretion has the power of amending the above-stated refund policies. Therefore, we request you to review the refund policy periodically to stay updated. If you continue using our service even after amendments of our refund policy, we will consider the same as a sign of acceptance on your part.

Cancellation policy

We follow transparent cancellation policy. Kindly check the terms of our cancellation policy:

  • For any kind of cancellation request, please send your request to the account manager of that specific project through e-mail. The cancellation stands invalid until the concerned department confirms the same
  • Cancellation requests will be considered valid only if the request is made within 24 hours of placing the order.
  • The project cannot be canceled once the initial designs have been approved and the execution of the project has started.
  • To process the cancellation request we will require 7 working days.

If you have any further queries or suggestions regarding our refund and cancellation policies, kindly mail us at our given mail id.