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What is the first thing that strikes when we talk about payment gateways? PayPal? SecurePay? Or the likes of these? These are online payment processing gateways which you often use for any kind of financial transactions over the internet. A Payment Gateway is defined as an e-commerce application service that enables merchants to securely accept online or electronic payments for business both over online or offline entity.

Choosing the right payment gateway

Today we are loaded with a wide array of options of online payment solutions, and while it has made our payment procedures easy, at the same time deciding which payment gateways to integrate can be a drag to be true. Keeping in mind the necessity of financial security and safety while making your online transactions, making the right choice of your gateway selection is extremely important. One should consider things like target customer’s preferred method of payment, or how the user experience would be affected, or the ease of integration, or the expected growth of the business, or the cost-effectiveness and more.

Online Payment Features

Procedure of payment: The procedure of payment must be secured and at the same time must be easy and convenient for all.

Fraud & security solutions: Getting secured of fraud can help you safeguard your business with the help of customized tools.

E-commerce payments: The power of a global e-commerce leader must be leveraged by securing almost half of all online payments.

International payments: Being a global leader is important by selling goods and services internationally all across the globe.

Mobile payments: Accept payments on the go with smartphone mobile processing, dedicated mobile terminals and touch tone capture options.

Recurring payments: Many customers prefer to pay recurring bills electronicallywith an improved and easy mode.

Reporting & data management: Flexible, secure and convenient solutions for easy reconciling of your payment operations

ZencastMedia LLC offers safe and easy modes of payment gateway integration for all your business needs. And the same depends on your business model, the types of features you require, and the amount of control you want over your customers’ payment experience. Get in touch for more.

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