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Logos – Make love at first sight happen

What strikes you at the first instant we utter McDonald’s? Or Nike? May be the yellow curvy M, or the black tick respectively? Don’t they play a perfect balance with visual impact and company’s brand value simultaneously? That’s what logos are for! The team at ZencastMedia LLC, one of the top graphic design companies in Kolkata, is dedicated in making logos, working on them and shaping them up in a way that you identify a business at a first glance at the logo.


Is Important!

A logo is the face of the company. It is in fact the first and most prominent thing a potential customer notices when he starts interacting with your business. A business logo is not just an image, it is a stamp of recognition, and sort of that first impression that you would build on your customers. Nothing conveys professionalism and trustworthiness of a brand and its services better than a logo does.


must be distinct and impactful

A good logo is the one that distinctly reflects who you are, and at the same time stands out as something unique and worth grabbing the eyeball. It must convey a message about your brand directly, and at the same time shouldn’t be very flashy or distracting. The most important thing, the visuals and imagery should be appropriate for the brand, products and services not to end up in any kind of confusion.


= Brand Loyalty

Not just for boosting brand recognition, a logo must be an effective tool for incorporating brand loyalty. It should offer your customer something to cling to, both in terms of business and emotional trust, if they follow your business. It must be visually impactful at every single place it is put up at to complete the brand loyalty delivering the correct message about your company.

  1. We know the significance of a unique logo and try to offer an extensive variety of logo designs to choose from.

  2. We focus on affordable logo designs, custom logo designs, meaningful ones and many more similar factors depending on your requirements and affordability.

  3. Being an expert graphic designing company in Kolkata, we work on emblems, brandmark, abstract mark, pictorial mark, lettermark and wordmark to name a few.

  4. We trust in changes, and let the logos evolve and grow with time and trend.

  5. Our expert team has years of experience in conceptualizing logos worth your business and industry.

  6. With the proper use of progressing paid logo designing tools, we commit to offer more than 100 textual styles to play with creativity and need.

ZencastMedia LLC would love to help you with your logo designing and repair requirements. Irrespective of if it’s a new logo design, or renovating an existing one, we put our most creative foot forward to get a sense of what’s wanted by you as a client, as well as what the brand calls for. Consolidating both the ideas and concepts into one finished product is our motto to offer the best. Join us to avail the most affordable graphic design services.

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