Local Promotion

Local Promotion – Target local audience to grow your small business

Think global, reach out local

Ever noticed any local advertisement in a foreign country? Probably not. Because local promotion doesn’t work anywhere else other than “local” places. Local promotion or marketing is the strategy or technique used to target the community around a physical business or brand either over online or for offline presence. ZencastMedia LLC believe that in this competitive age of marketing, to stay up in the local search is the ultimate need of the hour.

Local Promotion – what is it all about?

Local promotion or local marketing is directed to the local population rather than the mass market. The search results reflect only the results that include details of the local places, mostly marked with the respective distance from the user. It is all about those search results that come up when one searches a place or location at one’s proximity.

Local Promotion – Must for who?

Local promotion is used primarily by small businesses – irrespective of the industry or domain – often with a single location or outlet. Owners of franchised businesses can also opt for local marketing to promote their specific locations, supplementing the larger franchise’s regional or national marketing campaigns (which promote the franchise’s name and products, but not specific locations).

Local Promotion – targeted to who?

As per SEO companies in Kolkata, local marketing is aimed to repeat customer base in the immediate vicinity of the business’s location. The normal standard radius of influence is about 10 miles, but in urban areas it could go less than that. The aim is to reach out to target audience who are staying or searching from nearby, and at the same time to make them come back to the already searched or contacted brand.

Local Promotion strategies

Site Analysis

Contender Analysis

Localized Keyword Research

Content Development and Optimization

Google Local Business Listing Optimization

Local Review Posting, Classified AD Posting, Blog Commenting and Social Search Optimization and many more

As a promising SEO company Kolkata, ZencastMedia LLC undertakes multiple local marketing campaigns and different strategies in order to build awareness within a neighbourhood, local area, or a certain range of area to reach out the local audience. Information is the key for any marketing campaign, and we nail it with every possible means. Work with us to get noticed locally.

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