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Nothing beats this marketing tool –
Explainer video

What makes your website rank on search engines? What makes you notable on Google first page? As per Google’s algorithm, the amount of time visitors spend on your website is what accounts for your ranking. Wondering what it could be to make people stay on your brand site? ZencastMedia LLC, one of the trusted packaging design companies in Kolkata, puts online videos booming at explosive growth and contributing towards better ranking in search engines.

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Explainer videos – boosting your sales

Explainer videos have made their mark and rocketed high up in popularity over the years mainly because they are easy to create, easy on pockets and extremely effective in growing your business. In other words, they are an excellent marketing tool that increase your conversion rates, clarify your product, and boost your sales.

Explainer videos help in better rank

Any explainer video studio like ours would agree to the point that if something has gone really viral, that’s these! Since the dawn of YouTube, the term “viral” has been viral exclusively for the videos that seemingly pop-up out of nowhere and gets a large viewing in a short amount of time. At the same time, explainer videos that go viral rank better in Google search.

Nothing grabs audience
attention better

Often, many websites are loaded with unnecessary images, flashy animation, and colorful fonts on their web page with the hope to grab audience attention. Instead, they actually confuse the potential customers and slow down the load time of the web page. Not only are these total disasters for businesses, they shoe away customers permanently too. How about curating these cool ideas in a video to turn heads and grab eyeballs! It keeps the website looking clean, while providing enough material to engage a potential customer.

Our contributions

We help you to showcase your personality, mood, intentions and effectiveness via explainer videos made by our expert animators that narrate your creative story. When it comes to online businesses, customers can’t really see you directly. It’s the videos that help a person to gain trust in you and the products you sell if they can see you and create a ‘virtual’ connection. Join us in creating your face value in the form of these videos.

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