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Digital Marketing Mix, or simply Digi Mix is an integral part of marketing strategies. ZencastMedia LLC incorporates the best adjusted equation for winning in the digital world. When finding the right recipe for digital success is crucial, every web design company in Kolkata providing SEO service in Kolkata, including ZencastMedia LLC, adapt the right combination of 7P’s to the digital marketing context.

Digital Marketing Mix – the evolution from 4P’s to 7P’s

Originally and traditionally limited to the core 4Ps of Product, Price, Place and Promotion, the model was revised and upgraded to the 7Ps. While the original 4Ps were designed when the businesses were more likely to sell products, rather than services and the role of customer service in helping brand development wasn’t so well known. With 7Ps, Participants (People), Physical evidence and Processes were introduced and added.

Digital Marketing Mix – why is it recommended?

With the changing and evolving trend, it is recommended that the full 7Ps of the marketing mix are considered when reviewing competitive strategies. The introduction of an upgraded 7Ps helps companies to review and define key issues that affect the marketing of its products and services and is considered as the ultimate framework for the digital marketing mix by SEO companies in Kolkata.

Digital Marketing Mix – the power of digitalization

Digital marketing has to do a lot with using electronic devices, computers, smartphones and other mobile gadgets. Mostly for brand promotions and digital marketing, this trend has incorporated well enough with the kind of lifestyle people have these days. Hence, the 4Ps of marketing, evolved as 7Ps, works well with the strategies followed in a general way by all the businesses.

Overview of 7Ps

Products, or services: Right product for the right customer.

Prices: Pricing strategy of products/services.

Place: Mostly online, placement strategy to reach customers.

Promotion: Use of medium to promote the brand.

People: Understanding the market and target audience.

Physical evidence: Improving customer experience with promising experience.

Processes: For flawless service delivery in convenient response time.

As a renowned web development in Kolkata, ZencastMedia LLC offers expert solutions when it comes to digital marketing mix. We create the routes as indicated by the market, as per individual business sort, pattern of the time and all other factors to consider. One wrong stride can crash down your reputation, don’t let that happen.

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