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If you look back in 2014-2015 and compare the scenario with now, you would know how the entire storytelling in writing services has shifted its focus. Writing catchy contents doesn’t work for good anymore. It has to be more than just that – the Rule of 7 for example. As one of the pioneers as content writers in Kolkata, we, at ZencastMedia LLC, believe that anything that’s saleable needs to be allured at least 7 times to the target audience. But albeit with different approach every single time.

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Introducing the superstar of SEO

Who else, but content! Every unique benefit of your brand presence is somehow connected to contents varied in style, genre and way of writing. Depending on the content writing style and the conceptualization of the same, the ROI of digital marketing fluctuates. And that’s exactly where the role of website content writing comes into play.

What are contents for?

It’s not a hidden fact that every content is written to sell either a product or a service. What takes the paradigm shift each time is the approach of writing – either by educating, or by motivating, or by simply engaging it – the preference totally depends on how the particular content writer in India is willing to present his story or statement to the target audience.

Content – Then and Now!

Thanks to the demands of Google and social media platforms for improved and quality content creation, content writers services have leapfrogged multiple folds to reach a level where smart writing is more likeable and acceptable than writing in bulk.

Today, we are spoiled with an array of choice in writing – from article writing services to blog posts to descriptions and web contents. Needless to say, it’s not that daunting a task for us at ZencastMedia LLC.

Want to impress Google?

Content writing is a vast genre, with huge amount of information to shed and in thousands of creative ways. ZencastMedia LLC ensures that your contents would be approached with a different angle, to secure you a perfect spot in the ranking list. Discover how…

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