Common Mistakes Of Project Management Every Company Should Avoid Making During COVID-19

  • by Admin
  • 12th, Jun 2020

Companies worldwide are amidst a new reality. There is the whole pandemic going on! There’s a complete lockdown in most countries due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As a result, businesses have sent their employees to work from home. Thus, productivity is really challenging, more than ever. Company productivity is in the hands of whom? Well, it is always in the hands of project managers, who are given the responsibility with the time, cost, and resources. So, as it seems, project management software development companies in Canada, and abroad- they are to ensure that firm project goals are met.

Every project manager deals with it differently, but ALL of them should avoid these four most common mistakes:

Mistake number one: managing it via tasks list

Apps like Trello and Google Tasks? Yes, they have just taught us that completion of work means creating a list of tasks and executing it with the team. Now let’s go back to normal and regular days- the pre-Coronavirus days to be precise. Then, the project managers were holding project status meetings and discussing projects. In meetings, an overall plan was presented which aided the team to get the idea of the big picture. But remote work changes it all. The employees who are managed by tasks do not know the overall status and plan. And with that information is necessary.

What can be done? Conduct a weekly team meeting to explain the project status by making use of a project timeline, and this should be shared with the team beforehand.

Mistake number two: Excluding the management level

Project managers are the link between the project teams and the project director. And they generally reach their supervisor just in case something goes really wrong and gets out of control, and an important decision on the issue is to be reached. This system works in the office, but not when working from home, since the supervisors do not have knowledge of the overall situation.

What can be done? Sharing the project dashboard with the supervisor can be the solution. In this way, everyone will be on the same page not only by providing the current information but also by providing budget planning and tracking.

Mistake number three: Inadequate weightage to the actual time effort

Yes. Let’s face it. The actual effort of the team members, who are working from home, is really difficult to track. Without this information, the efficiency of managing the team is impacted and this can result in missed goals. Moreover, it is really easier to have the wrong impression of those workers who are rather quiet but efficient, and who are not communicating their progress, from time to time.

What can be done? Make use of team reports and ensure that the reports are adjusted, based on the experience and capabilities of the team members.

Mistake number four: Use of the wrong frameworks and tools

The perfect Project Management tools are necessary to help teamwork effectively. The right tools are those that will provide everyone the capability to make use of the data they need. This, along with the perfect access they want, will empower the employees to work independently.

If the end-users are receiving the view they want, it is more likely that they’ll use the tools. If they are using the tools, the shared data is more updated and reliable.

What can be done?

Since not all are to have the same permissions; you are to possess the ability to control the access rights at the user level.