Big Data and Machine Learning

Treat the beat with the rapid development of web technologies

Explosion exponentially

Talking about the most persistent buzzwords in the tech world, the terms “big data” and “machine learning” are making it big. And the reason is quite justified. We live in the time when the amount of information produced by every active user is exploding exponentially with each coming day. ZencastMedia LLC takes into account how big data and machine learning can be used for business growth.

Big Data – What is it?

The technical definition of Big Data refers to extra large amounts of data that require specialized solutions in order to be gathered, analyzed and implemented into the business operation. The “Big Data” concept emerged as a culmination of the data science developments of the past 60 years. It is often referred to as revolutionary due to the potential of changing the ways we work, live and even think.

Data Processing – Basic Flow

Data comes in via various sources

Machine Learning algorithms label the data and look for patterns

Data is translated into usable insights

Insights are implemented into the business operation

Business and learning processes are automated

More and more information is constantly created as a result of the rapid development of web technologies, social media, and mobile devices. As a promising digital marketing agency of Kolkata, ZencastMedia LLC looks ahead for the quintillion bytes of data being created per day. And, we can see that number rising as we type this. Interested for more?

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