Article and Listicles

Listicles are the “in” thing for great traffic

Want engagement? Try these
listed magnets

Want to go extremely effective with content marketing? Try list articles or listing. Though they seem a little gimmicky, but they are here to stay, says search trends and content writing companies in Kolkata. And we, at ZencastMedia LLC, can’t agree more. Easy to read, visual treat and interesting to read and comprehend, list articles are the future of content marketing and one of the major boost ups of digital marketing.

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Listicles and Articles

To introduce listicles specifically, it is nothing but an article, a post or an example of content writing that is formatted in lists, with individual details provided to each of the points. However, the format is flexible and is intended to make the entire presentation easy to read and comprehend. Listicles are among the most read contents on the web, and they are prompted on screen everywhere, be it Facebook or Google+ feed. Listicles are in the scenario since ages. Crawling through the pages of magazines and newspapers, listicles have adjusted themselves well in every content page on the web.

Listicles are the new face of content marketing

The content writers in Kolkata have been emphasizing on listicles lately. Reason? The simplicity in their presentation which leads all the way to online success in terms of lasting impression on the readers’ mind. Why so? Because we are naturally inclined to non-chaotic things – with a definite pattern and grouped or clustered format. This not only pleases the eyes, but is also easily understandable and digestible. Additionally, in the era of smartphones and tablets, contents that are crisp and to the point, are preferred more over big write up samples.

Listicles – for immense
traffic generation

Listicles are indeed like magnets. Be it anything important, or interesting, or humours, presenting a post in list format is certain to induce curiosity. On top of it, if the post is thought-provoking, readers are sure to share it on their social media platforms. Chances are high, the listicle might get viral, provided the main website content writing style is interesting enough. Additionally, it is normally not left abruptly halfway with the hope that the points will all be different from one another and readers would be curious to read them all.

Zencastmedia prefer listicles, why?

ZencastMedia LLC and its writing service is solely dedicated to organic blog posts that generate leads and convert them to regular clients. With the use of simple language, professional format and error-free presentation, our blogs are intended to reach out for maximum engagement. Join us if you intend to be heard and spoken about, over the web, through our blogs.

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